The Simple Things - - HOW WE LIVE -

1. ALOE VERA (Bar­ba­dos aloe): a very un­de­mand­ing desert plant, above, with sharp spiky leaves and tubu­lar flow­ers. Can with­stand both di­rect sun­light and damp and hu­mid con­di­tions. 2. CHI­NESE MONEY PLANT ( Pilea peper­omiodes): can be tricky to find but worth the search. Its lily-pad shaped leaves on long stems have a white spot in their cen­tre.

3. MONEY PLANT ( Cras­sula ovata): a bringer of for­tune. It needs lit­tle at­ten­tion but is hap­pi­est in di­rect light. 4. PURPLE LEAF FALSE SHAM­ROCK ( Ox­alis tri­an­gu­lar is subsp. pa­pil­ionacea): each stem has three but­ter­fly-shaped leaves that fold up at night. Pretty pink flow­ers in spring.

5. STRING OF BEADS ( Senecio row­leyanus): trails pret­tily from a hang­ing planter. It looks del­i­cate but is hardy and re­quires in­fre­quent wa­ter­ing.

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