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Here at Quicke’s, we know our cheese. The Devon­shire fam­ily farm, which has been around for nearly 500 years, spe­cialises in ched­dar, from but­tery to crumbly, from creamy to nose-tick­lingly vin­tage. Each hand­made truckle goes from field to ta­ble on one site; we nur­ture the grass that feeds the cows who make the milk for our ar­ti­sanal cheeses. And now, all our cloth­bound cheese is made ex­clu­sively with Cor­nish Sea Salt, adding a new com­plex­ity of flavour. So who bet­ter, then, to try to come up with a dream cheese toastie? With such amaz­ing in­gre­di­ents to hand, our team took the chal­lenge pretty se­ri­ously. Here we share our mouth­wa­ter­ing, win­ning recipe.

Camp­fire cheese toastie

Serves 4 300g Quicke’s Ma­ture Cloth­bound Ched­dar, coarsely grated 150g Quicke’s Devon­shire Red, finely grated 50g Quicke’s un­salted whey but­ter 8 slices of good bread (we like sour­dough for ours) 10 fresh sage leaves A pinch of smoked Cor­nish Sea Salt

1 Start with the fire. We like to use a mix­ture of sus­tain­ably sourced char­coal and logs from our es­tate. Spread the wood around the base of your bar­be­cue or firepit; light it, then be pa­tient. Your fire is ready when the coals show a well es­tab­lished grey coat.

2 Take a heavy bot­tomed pan – cast iron is best – and then place di­rectly on the coals. While you’re wait­ing for your pan to reach a medium heat, grate the Ma­ture Cloth­bound Ched­dar and the Devon­shire Red into two bowls, keep­ing them sep­a­rate.

3 Now but­ter each slice of bread on one side – these will form the out­side of the toastie. Start by plac­ing the bread, but­ter side down, in the pan; it should siz­zle but not smoke. Then sprin­kle the Ma­ture Cloth­bound Ched­dar over the bread. Don’t worry if some falls into the pan, these sticky scraps will make your toastie even more de­li­cious.

4 Place a sec­ond slice of bread on top, but­ter side up. Then leave your toastie alone un­til it turns a lovely brown colour and the cheese has melted. Once you are happy with your toastie’s colour, care­fully flip it and re­peat on the other side.

5 Now comes the magic… Sprin­kle the top, toasted side with half the Quicke’s Devon­shire Red and flip the toastie to cook the cheese. What will hap­pen is the dif­fer­ence be­tween or­di­nary and ex­tra­or­di­nary. The Quicke’s Devon­shire Red will go so crisp that it gives the toastie what only can be de­scribed as cheese crack­ling. Once achieved, re­peat this step with the toastie’s top side. Dou­ble cheese crack­ling.

6 Once your toastie starts to ooze, pop it on a plate and tear two or three sage leaves onto it. The heat of the toastie will re­lease the oil in the leaves and the smell will be in­cred­i­ble.

7 Last but by no means least, give a gen­er­ous sprin­kling of smoked Cor­nish Sea Salt to make those gor­geous flavours zing.

The land meets the sea... Quicke’s ched­dar has a new in­gre­di­ent: Cor­nish Sea Salt

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