Eyes down. Get your­self a full house with our bingo ter­mi­nol­ogy cheat sheet

The Simple Things - - MISCELLANY -

30 Burling­ton Ber­tie

A pop­u­lar mu­si­cal hall song – happy-go-lucky va­grant Burling­ton Ber­tie was lucky enough to rise at 10.30. Ber­tie, we raise our hats to you.

56 Was she worth it?

Refers to the cost of the 1950s mar­riage li­cence – five shillings and six­pence. The ob­vi­ous an­swer? Ev­ery penny.

10 Big Fat Hen

From ‘One, two, buckle my shoe’. Or you might hear ref­er­ence to 10 Down­ing Street’s cur­rent in­hab­i­tant. Larry’s (the cat’s) den, ob­vi­ously.

88 Two Fat Ladies

In­spired by the nu­meral shape. But, look closer at those ‘waists’ and you’ll re­alise it’s re­ally two fat ladies with some amaz­ing corsetry.

78 Heaven’s Gate

The key to un­lock­ing this call? It’s a bingo hy­brid: what hap­pens when sev­enth heaven (7, fairly ob­vi­ously) meets the gar­den gate (8).

44 Droopy draw­ers

Looks like trousers that have slipped down the legs, ap­par­ently. We can’t quite see that, but then we’re still work­ing on that one lit­tle duck…

53 Here comes Her­bie ( beep beep!)

Homage to Dis­ney’s an­thro­po­mor­phic car, Her­bie, who had a 53 on his bon­net. Her­bie rode again more re­cently in a noughties film.

2 One Lit­tle Duck

Think you’re quack­ers if you see an­i­mals in the shape of num­bers? Un­be­liev­ably that’s the rea­son be­hind this call. Quack.

49 PC

In­spired by a BBC Ra­dio po­lice sit­com, PC 49. With catch­phrases like “Oh, my Sun­day hel­met!”, we’re glad it’s bob­bied off.


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