We asked Emma to look at hand­writ­ing sam­ples from some of The Sim­ple Things team. Here’s what she found:

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The an­gled, me­thod­i­cal writ­ing shows a crit­i­cal and an­a­lyt­i­cal per­son who prefers to know where they stand. Scrupu­lously hon­est, they have high ex­pec­ta­tions of other peo­ple as well as them­selves. The up­right slant and the over­all reg­u­lar­ity is in­dica­tive of some­one who hides their real feel­ings and for this rea­son they may be dif­fi­cult to get to know. They keep a cool head and are the ul­ti­mate plan­ner. They can be so­cia­ble but are un­likely to put re­la­tion­ships ahead of work. This is a speedy and orig­i­nal hand­writ­ing style. A good sense of hu­mour is likely to make this per­son pop­u­lar. They have left­ward swing­ing and open lower zones, which in­di­cates a car­ing and ma­ter­nal side. They are bet­ter at un­der­stand­ing other peo­ple’s prob­lems than their own. The spa­ces between the words is fairly large which shows that they are ca­pa­ble of work­ing ef­fi­ciently on their own or at least off their own bat with­out need­ing the ap­proval of oth­ers. A nat­u­ral creative. This per­son ap­pears to have quite a reg­u­lar script but on closer ex­am­i­na­tion there are miss­ing bits of let­ters and short forms which show a speedy but im­pa­tient mind. They get bored quite eas­ily because of their febrile per­son­al­ity and can mul­ti­task suc­cess­fully. The dif­fer­ent lower zone for­ma­tions in the writ­ing show a dis­like of rou­tine. They are, how­ever, sen­si­tive and eas­ily hurt. This per­son has a mixed slant and ev­i­dence of a var­ied pres­sure in their hand­writ­ing. They can be moody but creative. They are an ideas per­son and full of in­no­va­tion but also prone to get frus­trated when things don’t go ac­cord­ing to plan. They try to hide their anx­i­ety from oth­ers and are likely to come across as good fun and open-minded. More of a maverick than a team player!

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