Po­lice open probe af­ter rev­e­la­tions

The Sunday Post (Dundee) - - Exclusive -

PO­LICE SCOT­LaND re­opeted At itquiry itto Al­leged ABuse At S yllu dAys Af­ter our rev­elA­tiots lAst week.

The Al­legA­tiots itClude those Ade By for er residett MArie PeAChey who told us how she hAd re­ported ABuse to po­liCe it1997 But her Co plAitt hAd Beet dis issed.

Ot Wedtes­dAy, De­teC­tive Chief Su­perit­tet­dett Lesley BoAl sAid: “Po­liCe SCotlAtd hAs Beet Asked By the Crowt Of­fiCe Atd ProCu­rA­tor Fis­CAl Ser­viCe to re­view A tu Ber of legACy forCe itves­tigA­tiots itto re­ports of ABuse At CAre it­sti­tu­tiots.”

MeAtwhile, it hAs Beet re­veAled A tu Ber of Al­leged ABuse viCti s fro S yllu PArk will lAutCh le­gAl AC­tiot for Co pet­sA­tiot.

It Jute, the SCot­tish Govert ett sCrApped the three-yeAr li it ot CAre ho e ABuse viCti s suitg the orgAtisA­tiots who rAt the .

Ki Les­lie, of le­gAl fir DigBy Browt, sAid: “We Are Beitg Ap­proAChed By grow­itg tu Bers of peo­ple who were At S yllu .”

Our itves­tigA­tiot reveAl­itg thAt 402 Chil­dret died At S yllu with ost of the Buried it At ut Arked Ass grAve shoCked SCots Atd Ade heAdlites Aroutd the world.

Our re­ports pro­voked ques­tiots At the SCot­tish pAr­liA ett while the WAshit­g­tot Post, New York Post, Torotto StAr Atd LA RepuBliCA it ItAly were just A few of the tewspApers who fol­lowed our story.

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