The man who took the life of my sis­ter had a his­tory of vi­o­lence but the po­lice did noth­ing. Six years on, he mur­dered his girl­friend and they still did noth­ing. We need to know why

The Sunday Post (Dundee) - - Exclusive -

WHEN her sis­ter Caro­line died at just 35, heart­bro­ken Anne Devlin sadly ac­cepted she had died of nat­u­ral causes.

Doc­tors blamed a brain haem­or­rhage af­ter Caro­line had died sud­denly in bed. Her boyfriend Robert Trigg had helped to sup­port her at the funeral.

Six years later how­ever, when an­other girl­friend of Trigg, Su­san Ni­chol­son, died in re­mark­ably sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances, Anne felt an aw­ful chill.

Break­ing her si­lence af­ter Trigg, who had a long his­tory of vi­o­lence against women, was fi­nally con­victed of Caro­line’s man­slaugh­ter and Su­san’s mur­der, Anne, of Cum­nock, Aryshire, said: “When we heard that an­other of his girl­friends had died in the ex­act same way, we just knew.

“How could the po­lice have failed to see what they were deal­ing with?”

At the time of her death, Caro­line’s mum Jean had been sus­pi­cious but was brushed off by the po­lice.

Jean, from Auchin­leck, East Ayr­shire, said: “In­stead of be­ing taken se­ri­ously, I was told they were too busy to talk to me.

“My daugh­ter had been killed and po­lice re­fused to lis­ten to me.”

Jean ap­proached po­lice in Caro­line’s home town of Wor­thing, East Sus­sex.

She said: “I made an ap­point­ment to see a po­lice sergeant.

“But when I ar­rived at the sta­tion front counter, I was handed a phone and ex­pected to talk about my sus­pi­cions in front of strangers re­port­ing lost dogs and car thefts.

“When I asked if I could talk in pri­vate, the sergeant on the phone said he was too busy. I left feel­ing dis­missed.

“It was when I read of Su­san’s death that I knew I had to tell po­lice.

“I re­fused to be­lieve two of Trigg’s girl­friends had died of nat­u­ral causes. “The chances were hugely re­mote. “It later emerged that Trigg had a track record of vi­o­lence against women go­ing back two decades. Long be­fore killing my Caro­line.”

Caro­line, 35, born and raised in Auchin­leck, was in a re­la­tion­ship with Trigg af­ter meet­ing him in her adopted town of Wor­thing in West Sus­sex.

She lived in the town with her four

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