Spaghet­tini Sciuè Sciuè

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In Neapoli­tan, sciuè sciuè means quickly, in a hurry. Fast food for An­nun­zi­ata was hav­ing some­thing ready when Carlo came home late from a visit to the cinema or tak­ing a girl to a dance. Serves 2

180g spaghet­tini Sea salt Ex­tra vir­gin olive oil 2 gar­lic cloves Ripe plum toma­toes Basil leaves Add a large hand­ful of spaghet­tini to a pot of boiling salted wa­ter.

Stir to make sure they are well loos­ened in the wa­ter.

In a wide fry­ing pan warm four to five ta­ble­spoons of ex­tra vir­gin olive oil and add the gar­lic cloves cut into sliv­ers.

Wash four to five very ripe plum toma­toes and, us­ing your hands, squeeze them into the fry­ing pan, dis­card­ing the skins and seeds left in your hands.

Cook on a brisk heat and sea­son well with sea salt.

Tear in plenty of fresh basil leaves and, before the pasta is cooked, use a fork or tongs to trans­fer the pasta drip­ping with the cook­ing wa­ter into the fry­ing pan to fin­ish cook­ing.

Ready by the time Carlo has climbed up the 178 steps home.

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