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My son fasts one day every week as he claims it helps him lose weight. Is he do­ing his body any dam­age?

There are many pop­u­lar di­ets at the mo­ment that in­volve some de­gree of fast­ing. Of­ten these in­volve con­sum­ing a very lim­ited num­ber of calo­ries on the fast day rather than not eat­ing any­thing at all. The best way to lose weight is to adopt a healthy life­style, eat­ing less through­out the week, while in­creas­ing ex­er­cise lev­els. This is a much more sus­tain­able way of both los­ing weight and keep­ing it off.

Can I wear a wig most of the day? I’ve un­der­gone chemo­ther­apy and won­dered if I can wear a hair­piece most of the time.

As long as you fol­low the ad­vice given to you when your hair­piece was fit­ted then you should be able to wear it for most of the day. Some pa­tients will choose to only wear wigs for brief pe­ri­ods but oth­ers will use them for most of the day.

I’m due for an op­er­a­tion to re­move a trou­ble­some gall blad­der. I’ve been told I’ll need to change my diet af­ter­wards – what food will I need to avoid?

Pa­tients who have gall­stones are ad­vised to avoid fat in their diet as this can cause pain. The gall­blad­der is used to store bile which helps di­gest food. Once the gall­blad­der has been re­moved, most pa­tients are able to en­joy a nor­mal diet.

My old dad uses a pot to stew his tea. The in­sides are dark black. Could he be do­ing him­self harm?

Un­likely. It is how­ever im­por­tant to rinse the teapot to en­sure any loose par­ti­cles are re­moved from the side.

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