‘If you go around with a face like a wet week­end you aren’t go­ing to look young’

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There’s no deny­ing she looks fan­tas­tic. And it’s mainly down to a lucky com­bi­na­tion of Nivea, Sim­ple and good genes.

Rhoda be­lieves the most im­por­tant as­pect of age­ing is a healthy mind­set, though.

“It’s at­ti­tude isn’t it? If you go around mis­er­able and with a face like a wet week­end, you’re not go­ing to look young and lovely, are you?” she laughs.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, age­ing can be a to­tal night­mare – I wish I was 16! “We’re com­ing to the end of the sum­mer hol­i­days and I’ve been look­ing af­ter two o f my grand­chil­dren.

“One is nearly 15 and one is nine and when I look in the mir­ror af­ter be­ing with them, i t’s hard.”

Rhoda is adamant, though, that surgery is not for her.

“I’d never have Bo­tox, or any sort of cos­metic surger y,” she adds.

“It’s not for me. The thought of hav ing any­thing done that cou ld pos­si­bly go w rong would put me off.”

She looks great, but can be as self- crit­i­cal as the rest of us.

“Oh, I could do with a jowl lift!” she jokes. “But then once you get that done, you’d have to get abra­sion round your lips, to get rid of the wrin­kles.

“Once you start, would you not have to go on? Also, the money you would spend get­ting treat­ments could be a fan­tas­tic hol­i­day.”

Rhoda has had a ba­sic skin­care rou­tine through­out her life but fol­lows one rule that per­haps helped keep her look­ing youth­ful.

“I haven’t used soap on my face since I was about 16,” she ex­plains. “It’s far too dry­ing.” Far from spend­ing a for­tune on ex­pen­sive prod­ucts, she has al­ways bought cheaper prod­ucts.

“For years I used Nivea,” she says.

“Then I think they changed it, as it just stopped work­ing and I got dry patches on my face.

“Now I use Sim­ple prod­ucts most of the time.

“How­ever, my daugh­ter bought me some Es­tee Lauder skin­care for Christ­mas and it’s gor­geous, but it’s about 10 times the price.

“I’m weigh­ing up whether to con­tinue us­ing it. I don’t think I’m ex­ces­sively wrin­kled, so is there any point at my great age?”

Rhoda isn’t ob­ses­sive about her ap­pear­ance but she does love to have her “face on”.

“I wouldn’t go a day with­out putting my make- up on,” she says.

“Well, maybe if I’m spend­ing a day clean­ing, I would. But then it’ll get to five, I’ll glance in the mir­ror and think, ‘Eeeugh!’

“I do it for me, it takes me about seven min­utes and I just feel so much bet­ter once it’s on and my hair is done.”

As for diet, Rhoda ad­mits she’s more care­ful about it nowa­days.

“I eat things that make me feel good.

“Pick­led eggs were great when you were 17, but not when you’re 65.

“And I’ve stopped drink­ing. I used to like a glass of wine with meals but it gets such a bad rep­u­ta­tion, so I’ve given up.”

Ask her for an ex­am­ple of some­one who is wear­ing well and she doesn’t hes­i­tate.

“Goldie Hawn,” she says. “She’s got great hair, that’s half the bat­tle.

“But mainly it’s her at­ti­tude. She has a young out­look, I think.”

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