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I some­times have bouts of be­have. In many cases, shin­gles which flare up on my es­pe­cially if the cancer is at neck. I had one about three an early stage and not months ago but the pain has caus­ing any symp­toms, it may lin­gered. Is this worth get­ting be kept un­der re­view with­out seen by my GP? any treat­ment at first. Your

It is not un­com­mon for pain spe­cial­ist will tend to re­view to linger fol­low­ing a bout of you on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. In shin­gles. This can be quite many cases this is the safest se­vere at times. If it is very way to deal with it rather than trou­ble­some and not hav­ing what may be re­spond­ing to normal un­nec­es­sary or rad­i­cal over-the-counter painkillers treat­ment. your GP might be able to help. Can you pass sca­bies on from

one per­son to the next? Our My wife has to have her teenage son had them for a gall­blad­der re­moved in an while but fol­low­ing treat­ment op­er­a­tion. Could it have been – which in­volved soak­ing in her life­style that caused it? med­i­cated bath­wa­ter –

The main rea­son to have they’ve cleared up. I’m the gall­blad­der re­moved is wor­ried they might be on due to bouts of chole­cys­ti­tis, his clothes or bed which are usu­ally due to sheets, how­ever. gall­stones. Women are more Yes, sca­bies can of­ten af­fected than men and be passed on from it be­comes more com­mon in per­son to per­son. later life. Obe­sity and Usu­ally when di­a­betes can be risk fac­tors treat­ment is given it but there is cer­tainly a fam­ily is ad­vis­able to ten­dency to gall­stones. If your en­sure that all wife is over­weight then this cloth­ing and bed may be partly the cause. sheets are washed at the

same time and any other I have prostate cancer but the fam­ily mem­bers, if they have doc­tor is happy to leave this. symp­toms, should be treated. I’m a bit wor­ried – is this the safest way to treat it? I’ve got an es­sen­tial tremor in

Prostate cancer can of­ten my hand. Is this some­thing to be around for many years be wor­ried about as I get be­fore the pa­tient has older? symp­toms. In many cases it is Es­sen­tial tremor is a be­nign slow grow­ing and may only con­di­tion which is very be a very small fo­cus of com­mon. Its cause is abnormal cells within the un­known. Some­times it does prostate gland. No doubt you get a bit worse as you get will have had a biopsy which older. There are some will have given the doc­tor an med­i­ca­tions that can help idea of the grade of your such as Pro­pra­nolol – which is cancer and how it is likely to a beta blocker – and this can WHEN IN DOUBT CON­TACT YOUR OWN GP I have some­thing called Pre­men­strual Dyspho­ric Dis­or­der. Have you en­coun­tered it, and what are the best treat­ments?

Pre­men­strual dyspho­ric dis­or­der is sim­i­lar to pre­men­strual syn­drome but the symp­toms tend to be more se­vere. It usu­ally re­sults in fairly se­vere mood swings, de­pres­sion and anx­i­ety which oc­cur on a cycli­cal ba­sis in re­la­tion to the men­strual cy­cle. Usu­ally symp­toms start a few days to a week prior to men­stru­a­tion and typ­i­cally set­tle once the pe­riod ar­rives. Anti-de­pres­sant med­i­ca­tion can help. In some cases cog­ni­tive be­havioural ther­apy has been help­ful and is of­ten used in ad­di­tion to med­i­ca­tion.

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