Should celebri­ties be good role mod­els?

With celebri­ties spend­ing so much time in the pub­lic eye, some peo­ple be­lieve that they should set a good ex­am­ple to their fans.

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Celebrity cul­ture is a mas­sive part of modern life. We hear so much about what celebri­ties are do­ing that they are of­ten ad­mired just as much for their life­styles as for their tal­ent. Peo­ple look up to celebri­ties as role mod­els. Stars like Tay­lor Swift have mil­lions of fans all over the world, but some peo­ple think that celebri­ties like her aren’t tak­ing their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties se­ri­ously. Swift has at­tracted crit­i­cism for her lat­est mu­sic video be­cause she uses it as a chance to com­ment on a per­sonal dis­agree­ment she has with an­other mu­si­cian. In fact, a lot of her songs are about re­venge, and some peo­ple don’t think this is a good ex­am­ple to set her young fans. As some­one in the pub­lic eye, is it im­por­tant that she is a good role model?

Yes – they owe it to their fans

Suc­cess­ful mu­si­cians and ac­tors aren’t only in­flu­en­tial be­cause they’re fa­mous; young peo­ple like and trust them, too. Peo­ple may look to celebri­ties for guid­ance on how to be­have. Stars like Emma Wat­son, who played Hermione in the Harry Pot­ter films, has used her fame to spread pos­i­tive mes­sages. In a fa­mous speech at the UN, Wat­son drew at­ten­tion to the im­por­tant is­sue of gen­der equal­ity. In 2009, Michelle Obama, wife of for­mer US pres­i­dent, Barack Obama, vis­ited a girls’ school in west Lon­don. Pupils were in­spired by her speech on the im­por­tance of ed­u­ca­tion, and they went on to achieve top exam re­sults, show­ing that stars can make a pos­i­tive im­pacts as role mod­els.

No – it’s not their job to set a good ex­am­ple

It’s al­most im­pos­si­ble to be a suc­cess­ful ac­tor or mu­si­cian with­out also be­ing fa­mous. How­ever, just be­cause some­one is tal­ented enough for their work to be en­joyed by mil­lions, it doesn’t mean that the way they live their life should be im­i­tated – or even ad­mired. Be­ing fa­mous doesn’t make some­one nice, or good, and it’s cer­tainly no rea­son for some­one to be­come a role model. Stars like Justin Bieber are of­ten in the news for mis­be­hav­ing – he’s even been banned from China for his be­hav­iour. It’s not a celebrity’s job to act as a role model for chil­dren – young peo­ple should be able to look up to their par­ents, car­ers or teach­ers for guid­ance on how to be­have.

Tay­lor Swift has been ac­cused of set­ting a bad

ex­am­ple for her fans.

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