Would you eat pink choco­late?

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How many types of choco­late have you tasted? White, milk and maybe dark choco­late? Well, sci­en­tists have cre­ated a brand new type of choco­late for choco­holics to try.

The new sweet treat is called ruby choco­late, and it is made from the ruby co­coa bean, which makes it pink. The com­pany that made the choco­late says that it has a smooth, berry-like taste even though there are no berries or flavour­ing added. This is the first new nat­u­ral colour of choco­late since white choco­late was in­tro­duced 80 years ago.

Choco­late is made from dried and roasted co­coa beans. The beans are crushed and turned into choco­late liquor. At that stage, sugar and other in­gre­di­ents can be added to the mix­ture. The mix­ture is then hard­ened to cre­ate choco­late. Dark choco­late has more co­coa bean in it; white choco­late con­tains more co­coa but­ter. Milk choco­late is the most com­mon type of eat­ing choco­late and has ex­tra milk solids added to the mix.

The new choco­late should be on sale next year. Will you try it?

The choco­late comes from a pink co­coa bean.

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