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A woman who was de­clared dead seven years ago has asked if she can dig up “her” grave, in Seville, Spain, to end her bu­reau­cratic night­mare. In May 2010, a woman with the same name as Juana Es­cud­ero, and the same date of birth, passed away. Ow­ing to a glitch, both women were recorded as dead – and Ms Es­cud­ero has not been able to re­new her driv­ing li­cence, or even visit a doc­tor, ever since. Of­fi­cials have re­fused to amend her record, so she is now ap­ply­ing for per­mis­sion to ex­hume the other woman’s body for DNA tests, to prove that it’s not her in the grave.

Coun­ter­feit Lego sets glo­ri­fy­ing Is­lamic State have been with­drawn from sale in Sin­ga­pore. The sets, made in China, and aimed at chil­dren aged six to 12, fea­ture minifig­ures dressed as bombers, car­ry­ing black flags and RPGS. The Straits Times re­ports that one set in­cluded a de­cap­i­tated plas­tic head. In a state­ment, Lego stressed that the kits had noth­ing to do with The Lego Group. “As a com­pany ded­i­cated to in­spire and de­velop chil­dren, we would nat­u­rally never make a prod­uct like this.”

A man has been ar­rested in Tokyo for al­legedly try­ing to put a curse on the chil­dren from a lo­cal pri­mary school. Takeshi In­aba, 41, is ac­cused of hang­ing a straw doll from a bridge, with a note read­ing: “All you brats jump from here and die.” In Ja­pan, straw dolls are used in sim­i­lar fash­ion to voodoo dolls. Ac­cord­ing to po­lice, In­aba con­fessed to mak­ing the doll, say­ing: “Those kids run­ning wild in the park are too noisy.” For med­dling with the su­per­nat­u­ral, In­aba is fac­ing charges of crim­i­nal in­tim­i­da­tion.

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