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Over To You

Over to You Prize-winning cross stitch Perfect P esent I ’ve been getting your magazine for at least the last two years and love it! I’ve now finally joined the ‘’ Facebook group and talked about this picture I cross stitched, so thought I would send it in. I brought it to the county fair this last year and got a blue ribbon! Thanks for doing what you do. Love the magazine and cross stitching! Linda, via email Prize-winning stitch Linda’s stunning landscape earned her a blue ribbon! Congratula­tions, Linda! I can see why you received a ribbon as this is a beautiful piece – it makes me feel like I’m looking out of a window rather than at a framed stitch! I’m glad to hear that you joined fellow cross stitchers and became a part of our online community. As I’m sure you’ve found out already, they’re a lovely bunch that are always willing to help. The Facebook group is a great place to share your projects or ask any stitchy questions you might have. Sue: A dog in stitches WHITE AS SNOW Laura’s mum couldn’t have a dog, so Laura got her the next best thing – a stitched one! D ear Team, I thought you might like to see my completed design of ‘Snowy Snowdrops’ from your magazine issue 289 (January 2020). They are so beautiful. I still have to get it framed, but so glad to have it completed as my snowdrops are still in bloom in my own garden. The World of Cross Stitching A DOG IN STITCHES I wanted to share with you my latest project, a gift for my mum for Christmas. My mum would love to have a dog, but can’t have one yet as she works full time. So, I thought I would stitch one for her. Back in February I decided to stitch a cute dog for her birthday, but when I ordered the kit, it turned out to be much bigger than I had realised! I aimed for Mother’s Day but that wasn’t realistic either, so settled on Christmas and finished a couple of months early. It was so difficult keeping it a secret for eight months! I loved stitching this gorgeous kit by Chudo Igla, but with ten colours and 10,000 stitches, it was a challenge. I won’t be stitching any more dogs for a while now! Lorraine Frame, Northern Ireland Now you can enjoy your snowdrops all year round! These pretty flowers were designed by Amanda Gregory, and if you like her style, you’ll love her poppies appearing in our next issue, 299 (Nov 2020). Hannah: Ballet beauties White as snow Alyssa’s thrilled with her Lorraine prima now ballerinas! has a stitchy version of the flowers from her garden A bit of magic W hat a blast from the distant past! Found this kit in my stash, must have had it a long time, but had to have a go producing this great picture of The Magic Roundabout gang. Really pleased with how bright it is. Hubby has framed it and it is now going on the wall in our house. I love to stitch something unusual. I’ve just started on a school of dolphins which will take me most of this year to finish. Laura Embrey, via email What a really thoughtful gift. Your mum looks absolutely delighted! Emily: June Munday, Leeds A bit of magic Wow, I love it! This has brought back some nice memories, but I will have the theme tune stuck in my head all day now, haha! Tina: June found this nostalgic kit hidden in her stash EMAIL US AT: theworldof­ or join our Facebook group: The World of Cross Stitching 15 The World of Cross Stitching

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