The World of Cross Stitching : 2020-08-07

Badger Pair Project : 56 : 56

Badger Pair Project

Badger Pair Project DESIGNED BY CAROL THORNTON Autumn in the forest Take your needle on a woodland adventure with this epic photo-realistic design from Carol Thornton S urrounded by forest mushrooms, golden ferns and gloriously ancient trees, this heartwarmi­ng scene of a pair of badgers foraging in the undergrowt­h could be from any period of history. That’s one of the things that makes woodland so special – these old habitats take us back to a time when most of our land was covered by trees and the bounty of the forest. Badgers, seldom seen in more urban environmen­ts, carry a little bit of the mystery of those times. Carol Thornton’s curious couple are making the most of the quiet to venture out into the sun-dappled foliage. Worked almost entirely in whole cross stitch with very minimal backstitch defining the edges of the Life-like detail Factb Stitching Time Approx. 80 hours Type of Stitches Cross stitch, fractional­s, backstitch, French knots Ease of Stitching Intermedia­te badgers’ fur. There are just a few fractional stitches to bring expression­s to the animals’ eyes and French knots to add texture to the foliage plants. This gives the scene a real photoreali­stic quality – though it’s hard to imaging capturing badgers in such an idyllic setting in a photograph. Meet the designer Carol Thornton With its glorious colours, autumn is a real inspiratio­n. After thinking what would be growing in season, I’ve included red fly agaric and golden bracken to frame these two young badgers as they venture between the oaks. The World of Cross Stitching 56

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