The World of Cross Stitching : 2020-08-07

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Reader Panel Meet Our Guests

Be on the panel ! Reader Panel Meet our guests Get a sneak preview Appear in the magazine Receive a stitchy gift Get to know this month’s reader panel, and look out for their favourite projects throughout the issue Sara Bustamante Roberto Chillocci Rachel Novick is a paralegal from Houston, Texas, USA is a care home night manager from Roehampton, UK is a web developer from Millersvil­le, Maryland, USA Stitching project you love best? How’d you get into stitching? How’d you start stitching? My favourite style is cards. I feel like mailing cards is not done as often anymore, but there’s nothing like a thoughtful card in the mail. My wife is a keen cross stitcher, so I thought that I’d have a go as well. I’ve always loved making things and crafting – I taught myself to knit and sew when I was younger. I’ve always loved the look and technique with needlework and finally decided to give it a shot. I was instantly hooked! Best thing about stitching? It keeps my mind busy and I love that I have created something special. What’s the best stitching tip you’ve ever heard? Tell us about your latest stitching project French knots are not as scary as they look. It takes a bit of practice and patience, but they are feasible. design you love? WOXS I’ve just finished a tablecloth with sea motifs all around the edge. I found it challengin­g, but once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed it. Maria Diaz’s ‘Gazing Geisha’ from issue 295 (July 2020). The delicacy of the cherry blossoms and detail on her obi and kimono are incredible! Do you have a stitching technique you’d like to master? I’d love to learn how to stitch beads into a piece. I think the beads add a lovely texture and shine to the work that even metallic thread can’t rival. What was the last thing you stitched as a gift for someone? Who are your stitching buddies? A Hawker Hurricane plane for a birthday present for a 100-year-old lady. She was in the Home Guard during the war and remembers the Battle of Britain well. I count my partner as my stitching buddy. We’ll put on a movie while he writes and I stitch. We’ll just chit-chat and show each other what we’re working on. Fave design? WOXS I loved the ‘Tea With Friends’ pattern in issue 290 (February 2020). Tea is a part of my daily life. Recent favourite design? WOXS Who’d you like to have a crafty session with? The vintage garden shed by Siobhan Harrison (295, July 2020) will be my next project. Any stitchy words of wisdom? My best tip is to actually buy embroidery scissors. When I switched, the quality of my work improved and I was able to use more of my thread because I could get a closer snip. Martha Stewart. She is such a talented, strong woman. I would love to just pick her brain. Gift worth £30! We need you! To be on the panel, email theworldof­xstitching@ – tell us your name, where you’re from and include a good-quality photo of yourself. Every panellist gets a preview of the magazine and a gift worth at least £30! THANKS! This month’s panel members each get an ‘Acorn Sampler Cross Stitch Kit’ by Historical Sampler Company, courtesy of LoveCrafts. Kit contains chart, instructio­ns, a needle, alphabet sheet, 16-count beige aida and pre-sorted DMC stranded cotton threads on an organiser. Finished design size is 31x31cm (12 x12 in). 6 The World of Cross Stitching

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