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Pet Of The Month Project : 74 : 74

Pet Of The Month Project

Pet of the Month Project Pet of the month We know you’re huge fans of pets, so have us design a cross stitch of a beloved animal! T H E M F O O N T T E H P No.1 pet Design my pet! H P T E N O O F T H E M Dear Durene, my boyfriend and I live in Hong Kong with my two lovely rough collies (Lassie dogs). I’d love it if you could turn them into a small pattern! Shadow, our 11-year-old boy, is a dark mahogany sable. Blue, our three-year-old girl, is a sable and white. Shadow flew all the way from South Africa to join us in Hong Kong and Blue we adopted after being in Hong Kong for about a year. It would be really great if I could give them a special stitchy place in our home! Thank you. Q Annemarie van Beek, Hong Kong These two certainly are an adorable pair – Blue and Shadow look like the best of friends. Rough collies are a beautiful breed of dog, known for their intelligen­ce and loyalty, so I do hope I have done them justice. Backstitch is used in black and mink brown to really capture their long, elegant coats – be sure to add this last and watch your stitching come to life! I’ve left the background on the simple side, so that the portrait doesn’t appear too crowded and instead your attention is drawn to the rich shading of the dogs themselves. I know you’ll find a lovely spot in your home to display this cute twosome. Enjoy! Durene says: A Shopping list Zweigart* 14-count white aida measuring 15x15cm (6x6in) Stranded cotton as listed in the key Size 24 tapestry needle Aperture card and ribbon embellishm­ent of your choice from local stores Fun facts about rough collies collie Duncan won the 2020 Puppy Bowl – an annual TV show that runs alongside the Super Bowl where the puppies play in a mini American football stadium and are all up for adoption. • The much-loved Lassie character, • Nine-month-old rough of novel, TV and film fame, is a rough collie. Thread & fabric cost Queen Victoria and Miley Cyrus have both owned a rough collie? • Did you know that Approximat­ely £14 *For stockists see page 90 74 The World of Cross Stitching

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