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Over To You

Over to You With respect Ready, steady, go! Denise’s great nephew is in for a real treat with this stitchy game T hought you might like to see my latest cross stitch. It took quite a while to do, but I think it is worth it. Mrs Veronica Wilson, Norfolk Sue: Agreed, Veronica! This is a very powerful piece. I think that the commemorat­ive ‘VE Day’ project by Lesley Teare in 293 (May 2020) might be just up your street. WOXS READY, STEADY, GO! T hought you might like to see the ‘Fairytale Board Game’ from 242 (June 2016) I have made up for my great nephew for Christmas. As you can see, I have customised it a little for him. The dice I have made up with perforated plastic, backing each side to give them some rigidity, and the counters are made up as Dorset Crosswheel Buttons. Hannah: What a wonderful gift this will be for your great nephew to unwrap on Christmas day! The special dice and counters are a nice extra touch, too. If you fancy stitching another board game, check out our woodlandth­emed take on Snakes and Ladders on page 74. WOXS With respect A long but worthwhile project by Veronica SEND US YOUR If you’re included in the photo holding your stitching, then we’ll boost the size of the prize as it’s always lovely to see your friendly faces! NEWS Denise Atherton, Weymouth, Dorset Don’t forget to send all your letters and photos in to us! Winter wonderland Email us at: theworldof­xstitching@ H ello Team I’m so happy with this beautiful project from issue 287 (December 2019). This winter scene will be hung up in my home all year long. I love to see snow falling down outside my windows. Amanda Butler has created a real magical work of art with three of my favourite animals. I love how the deer, robin and rabbit stand out among the cool winter colours. Thank you. WOXS! or write to: The World of Cross Stitching, Immediate Media Co, Eagle House, Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4ST Send in queries via social media: theworldof­crossstitc­hing Jenny Minichino, Utah, USA worldofcro­ssstitchin­g Tina: Watching a landscape become blanketed in snow is one of the most soothing and relaxing feelings in the world for me, so I can understand why you want to display this serene scene all the time. Your blue frame adds to the calming feeling of this piece. You might want to flip to page 10 to see Jenny Barton’s Father Christmas and his woodland friends, which include all of your favourites – a little robin perched on a deer’s antler and a pair of cute rabbits. Each letter printed only in and not in any other cross stitching magazines will win a crafty mystery prize! The World of Cross Stitching Winter wonderland Jenny loves this snowy scene so much she wants to display it all year round *For stockists see page 90 EMAIL US AT: theworldof­ or join our Facebook group: The World of Cross Stitching 19 The World of Cross Stitching

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