The World of Cross Stitching : 2020-09-04

Vibrant Poppies Project : 26 : 26

Vibrant Poppies Project

Vibrant Poppies Project DESIGNED BY AMANDA GREGORY Lest we forget These cross stitch poppies help remember and honour the past while displaying your hope for a peaceful future Lovely realistic shading A field of red poppies delicately waving in the breeze is a beautiful sight to behold. But beyond their floral magnificen­ce, the poppy has come to signify a whole lot more, as we commemorat­e the brave servicemen and women who lost their lives in the line of duty during World War I and other conflicts. Amanda’s poppy portrait brings the beauty of a watercolou­r illustrati­on to these special blooms, with their bold heads balanced on succulent green stems and framed by green foliage and halos reminiscen­t of clear blue skies. From the buds to the blooms, all the aspects of a classic red poppy are brought to life in this scene worked Factb Stitching Time Approx. 45 hours Type of Stitches Cross stitch, fractional­s, backstitch Ease of Stitching Advanced beginner in whole cross stitch with backstitch outlines. The details in the flower heads are then defined with just a few fractional stitches. The shape and large size of Amanda’s design makes it ideal to finish as a shopper tote bag or cosy cushion, too. Meet the designer Amanda Gregory I love to see a meadow full of bright poppies as they’re such a glorious sight and so uplifting. I gave this design a washy blue background to give the image more of a delicate watercolou­r painting feel. The World of Cross Stitching 26

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