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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered In the spotlight HEATHER NUGENT, CHARTING EDITOR Unfortunat­ely, it’s no longer available. When choosing fabric we try to pick coordinati­ng patterns or similar colour schemes to the design. Try searching for a fabric in cream and red with a Scandi style print. We often use Elephant in my Handbag* as they have a great selection of fabrics. Sorry about the stockists page confusion. Alongside each project we create a special Shopping List that appears on these pages. So, if a specific product is from a particular store then it’ll be listed here on the Shopping List so you can find it. Finding fabrics I’m trying to find the red backing fabric used in your ‘Santa Sack’ in issue 288 (Special 2019) – please could you tell me where it is from? The stockists page lists lots of suppliers and sellers but doesn’t tell me which has been used on which page – is it something which could be altered in future issues, perhaps? Thanks! Q Siobhan Doyle, via Facebook I remember making this fun project up for the photograph­y shoot, and that this fabric was part of a John Louden 100% Cotton Fat Quarter Christmas Snowflake Craft Quilting Fabric Bundle from www.iwantfabri­ Heather: A Finding fabrics Siobhan is after the fabric used to make up this cute Santa sack Calculatin­g leftover fabric Searching for 3D designs The Nutmeg Company have a fab range of 3D cross stitch projects I’ve always started a project by finding the middle but now I have one that wants me to start at the left corner and work a 10x10 square left to right or left and down. Is there a good way to do this but still have enough fabric left around the edges? Q Clara Hughes, via Facebook We usually advise to add on at least 15cm (6in) extra fabric to the design area, which creates a border for framing when complete. By this calculatio­n, you can start in the left-hand corner by measuring 7.5cm (3in) down from the top and again from the left edge. This should ensure there’s still a 7.5cm (3in) fabric border on the right and bottom edges too. Remember pattern instructio­ns are usually just given as a guide. Fiona: A Looking for Pooh bear £49.30. The kit comes with 14-count ice blue aida, DMC threads and a needle, and measures 28x26cm (11x10 in) at 14-HPI. You could easily leave off the wording for a more general design. I am desperatel­y wishing I could get an old issue of your magazine. It is issue 163 and had some fabulous Classic Winnie the Pooh patterns. Is there any way to acquire this? Q Donna S Munsell, via email Searching for 3D designs I’m looking to take on a new cross stitching challenge – the third dimension! I’ve seen some 3D cross stitch projects before and I’d love to give them a go. Do you have any designers or shops you could recommend? I just love these Winnie the Pooh designs, too! Sadly though, these are now long out of print and our digital back issue archive unfortunat­ely only goes back to issue 191. The only way to find this issue would be from secondhand sellers, such as you might find on places like eBay. You might like this alternativ­e ‘Winnie in the Rain Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit’ (PN-0172703) design by Vervaco too, which is available from Stitcher* for Hannah F: Q A Alan Middlemiss, Newcastle It’s brilliant that you’re looking to take on a new stitchy challenge! The Nutmeg Company* offer a great selection of kits for making all sorts of 3D projects. You can choose from cards (like this small ‘Winter Afternoon’ Christmas card seen above), miniature houses, decoration­s and more – and best of all they all come in a handy kit with everything you need to get started. Some are stitched on perforated paper and others on aida backed with plastic canvas for assembly, so be sure to read the descriptio­ns carefully before you buy. Do let us know how you get on! Hannah E: A Looking for Pooh bear Donna is on the hunt for some Winnie the Pooh patterns 32 The World of Cross Stitching

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