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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered Wishes granted Request a design and our resident design expert, Jenny, might just chart it for you… The daddliest catch The perfect card for Father’s Day or an angler’s birthday Fisherman key Cross stitch in two strands 10 10 I’d like a man fishing! I would have loved this for Father’s Day but couldn’t find one. A more realistic design rather than a cartoony one. Q DMC Anchor Madeira 8888888888 888 8888888888­888888 HHH 8 368 775 840 931 950 3346 214 1031 1084 1034 4146 267 1310 1001 1912 1711 2309 1407 almond green baby blue brown blue peach green 8888888 VVHH 9 88888 VVVH 8888888888 VVVV 8 10 V999 8888 9999 H 888888 99999 Caroline Freer, via Facebook 99999 88888 999999 E 88888888 999999 9 VV9999999 V V V9999999 Caroline, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find the design you wanted in time, but hopefully this friendly fisherman will fit the bill for next year, or even an upcoming birthday instead. Just swap out the colours to match your recipient’s hair, skin tone and clothing, too. Jenny: A 9999999 { V9 999999E 999EE V VV EEEE Backstitch in one strand EEEE EEEE 413 415 236 3998 1713 1802 dark grey grey ––––– 8888888888­8888888888­8888EEEE8 88 8888888888­8888888888­8888EEE888 8888888888­8888888888­8888EEE888 ––––– 8V V8 8888888888­8888888888­888EE888 VV88888888­8888888888­88888EEE8{ 30 high x 30 wide 14 HPI (28-count evenweave) – 5.5x5.5cm (2 x2 in) STITCH COUNT DESIGN AREA 8V V8 8 8 VV 8888888888­8888888888­888EEE{{ 10 8888888888­8888888888­889999{{ 8888888888­8888888888­88{{{999{{ 8888888888­8888888888­8{{{{9 999{{ 8888888888­88888888{{{{{99999{{ 8888888888­88888{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ This design was stitched using DMC stranded cotton Please note: Jenny can only fit in fairly small designs and for copyright reasons she is unable to chart logos, or characters from films and TV. STITCHING Nativity pals HELP! I am looking for the ‘Nativity Finger Puppets’ charts that featured in issue 274 (Dec 2018). We have just formed a youngster’s group at our church and I thought it would be an idea to make a set for them to tell the Christmas Story. Q Don’t forget to send all your stitchy questions and design requests in to us! Email us at: theworldof­xstitching@ Write to: Davina SnowballWa­tson, via email Ask the Experts, Add a bit of extra sparkle The World of Cross Stitching, Sequins make a stitched piece just that little bit more special Immediate Media Co, Eagle House, Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4ST Hannah E: A That sounds like a lovely idea. Unfortunat­ely, we only offer the physical version of back issues from the last six months, but you can still get a hold of the digital version of the mag via our app on both Apple and Android devices. Add a bit of extra sparkle Send in queries via social media: theworldof­crossstitc­hing I’ve already started stitching my Christmas cards. I’d love to make some of them extra fancy with little embellishm­ents or something sparkly, but I HATE metallic thread with a passion. Can you suggest anything else? to a stitched design. Sequins could bring that touch of sparkle you’re looking for, too. Check out Josy Rose* for their vast selection of flat, cup, square and star shaped sequins in a range of great colour options. We always recommend attaching them to your fabric using a Y-shape of three stitches, each going into the central hole in the sequin, to hold it securely in place. Q worldofcro­ssstitchin­g Tina, via Instagram Have you tried beads or sequins? These add a lovely extra dimension Heather: A 33 The World of Cross Stitching

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