The World of Cross Stitching : 2020-09-04

Design Library : 49 : 49

Design Library

DESIGN LIBRARY HAPPY HANGING SAY IT WITH SUCCULENTS Back your stitching (14) with felt. Make two felt tabs and fold over the top edge. Attach by stitching a button through all layers. Finish with a dowel rod and cord. Plants make a house a home. Send a green gift with this cute plant tag (12). Patch the motif onto some pretty patterned card and attach a coordinati­ng ribbon. TAKE NOTE NO PLACE LIKE HOME Write down all your hopes, dreams and goals in this sweet little notebook. Patch your stitching (32) onto a notebook using some acid-free double-sided tape. If you know anyone who’s moved recently, help them settle into their new abode with a ‘Home sweet home’ card (38). Just patch stitching onto a single-fold card. *For stockists, see page 90 The World of Cross Stitching 49

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