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Biscobours­e Pouch Project : 56 : 56

Biscobours­e Pouch Project

Biscobours­e Pouch Project DESIGNED BY FABY REILLY Choc full of treats A cross between a cross stitched pouch and a cracker puzzle, biscobours­e are fun for all the family T here are some cross stitch pieces that are crying out to be picked up and examined more closely. Biscornu are a classic example of this – it’s only when you have one nestled in your palm that you can turn it around to see the stitching from every side and really appreciate it. The same is true of its cousin, the biscobours­e – especially if you fill it with tempting chocolate truffles! A biscobours­e is made up of eight square motifs which must be stitched in the position shown on the chart so that once folded, they are displayed on all sides of the finished pouch. Faby’s fantastic creation features different Christmas motifs in her usual dainty style, with gold metallics 8 designs in 1! Factb Stitching Time Approx. 40 hours Type of Stitches Cross stitch, backstitch Ease of Stitching Intermedia­te depicting each shape. We show you how to make up your very own special pouch on page 62, but the designs would be great stitched up separately as square cards, too. You could even use them to stitch a set of square felt-backed coasters to fit inside the biscobours­e for a Christmas gift that just keeps on giving. Meet the designer Faby Reilly I’m quite a fan of biscornus, so I was really rather excited when asked to design a biscobours­e! This beautiful project is the perfect blend of design and function – I simply adore it! The World of Cross Stitching 56

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