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Biscobours­e Pouch Project : 61 : 61

Biscobours­e Pouch Project

Biscobours­e Pouch Project Diagram to make your 3D biscobours­e Ribbon edge - Use this diagram alongside the step instructio­ns on page 62 - Lay your stitching out flat (face up) to match the diagram shape - Each ‘ribbon edge’ needs to be hemmed - Sides with the same number must be sewn together - Ribbon should be attached in the centre of the ‘ribbon edge’ 2 3 1 3 1 6 2 5 4 5 4 6 Ribbon edge Biscobours­e Pouch key TOP TIP Cross stitch in two strands Don’t be intimidate­d by the strange shape of the stitching – just stitch it as per the chart and your design will be spaced perfectly for your biscobours­e DMC Anchor Madeira Christine 14 15 351 352 677 746 1043 253 10 9 886 275 1604 1409 214 303 2207 2511 light green green coral light coral sand cream L READER PANEL M Q t y z Cross stitch in two strands DMC Diamant D3852 dark gold I Shopping list Backstitch in one strand DMC Diamant I’ve always wanted to complete a piece like this. I love the traditiona­l Christmas colours and images that remind me of the ornaments my grandma and great aunt would hand stitch and bead years ago. This dual-purpose piece is a great gift and decoration! D415 D3852 silver dark gold ––––– *Zweigart 28-count white evenweave measuring 42x42cm (16 x16 in) Stranded cotton and metallic threads as listed in the key Size 24 tapestry needle Pins or a heat or air erasable pen Ribbon and medium-weight iron-on interfacin­g of your choice from local stores ––––– Backstitch in three strands 321 700 9046 229 510 1302 red leaf green ––––– ––––– 176 high x 176 wide 14 HPI (28-count evenweave) – 32x32cm (12 x12 in) STITCH COUNT DESIGN AREA SKEINS NEEDED STITCHED BY 2x746 (cream) Sharon Atkinson Thread & fabric cost Approximat­ely £23 This design was stitched using DMC stranded cotton and DMC Diamant on 28-count evenweave over two threads of the fabric *For stockists see page 90 61 The World of Cross Stitching

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