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Biscobours­e Pouch Project : 62 : 62

Biscobours­e Pouch Project

Biscobours­e Pouch Project We always have a box of Quality Street in our house at Christmas. This year I’m going to display them in a biscobours­e – it’ll be a talking point when guests visit. HANNAH, EDITOR make a biscobours­e How to... 1 Back your finished stitching with medium-weight iron-on interfacin­g. Then mark out a two square border around your design with either pins or a heat or air erasable pen (there are a range of pens available to buy but ensure you choose one suitable for use on fabric). 2 Cut out your stitching with a 1cm ( in) seam allowance and trim away excess fabric from the corners and fold points. Hand stitch, or use a sewing machine, to hem along the ‘ribbon edges’ (see diagram on p61) – this’ll form the opening of the pouch when complete. 3 Using the diagram provided (p61), number your sides with a heat or air erasable pen on the seam allowance. Then stitch together along your 1cm ( in) seam line, folding so the numbered sides match. Press all seams and apply dry heat to erase any pen marks. 4 Fold two lengths of ribbon in half and then sew the folded ends of the ribbons to the centre of each ‘ribbon edge’. Finish by filling the biscobours­e pouch with wrapped sweets of your choice – or even fill with nuts in shells or festive potpourri! 62 The World of Cross Stitching

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