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Advent Calendar Project

Advent Calendar Project DESIGNED BY DURENE JONES Sweet surprises Mark the run-up to the big day with these adorable Advent calendar envelopes filled with Christmas cheer Fun, playful style C ounting down to Christmas can be just as exciting as the day itself. Even more so if you have Durene’s charming Advent calendar envelopes to enjoy opening every day – you’ll wish that December would last all year round! There are 24 small festive motifs, each design unique. From holiday food favourites and classic tree decoration­s to cute creatures wrapped up in winter wear, you’ll be hard-pressed to pick a favourite. It’ll take around 80 hours to complete the whole set, but each design is bitesized so you’ll get the satisfacti­on of finishing each one quickly. Worked on 14-count aida using whole stitch in bright and bold Factb Stitching Time Approx. 70-80 hours for the set Type of Stitches Cross stitch, backstitch Ease of Stitching Beginner festive colours, with a tad of black backstitch, this is a great project for beginners. You can proudly display your stitching as we’ve done here, strung up in a frame with mini pegs and twine. Add more holiday sparkle by attaching them to a strand of tinsel or twinkling fairy lights instead! Meet the designer Durene Jones I used to love an Advent calendar when I was a child, it was so exciting opening the doors. I can only imagine how excited I’d have been to have a lovely stitched calendar with special gifts each day like this one. The World of Cross Stitching 82

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