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Beginners’ Guide

Beginners’ Guide How to stitch FRACTIONAL STITCHES Tackle the basic stitches in our charts… Fractional­s let you create rounded edges Loop start Cross stitch With both ends of a strand threaded, bring your needle up (1), leaving a loop at the back. Work the first arm of your stitch (2) & secure it by passing your needle through the loop. Bring your needle up at the bottom left corner (1) & down in the top right (2) for the first ‘arm’ of your stitch. Work the second arm, coming up in the bottom right (3) & going down in the top left (4). Quarter The chart shows which corner has the fractional. Bring the needle up in that corner and down in the centre of the square, halfway across the diagonal (diagram 1). 2 W 1 4 2 1 3 Backstitch French knots Add detail and definition. Bring your needle up at (1) & down at (2), come up again at (3), then back down at (1) & so on, to direct each stitch ‘back’ towards the line of the growing backstitch. Easy with practice – come up in the fabric (1), keep the thread taut & wrap twice around the needle. Push the needle down, close by, but in the same hole (2). Split the aida block for a neat knot. 1 2 3 1 Threequart­ers W 2 Work a quarter stitch, then a half stitch across the other diagonal arm of the square as in diagram 2. Like quarters, three-quarter stitches can face any direction. 2 not 1 Westie Dog key How to read our keys Two symbols W; When two symbols share a square, work a fractional in each colour. Decide on the quarter stitch for the background colour, then a three-quarters stitch for the main one (diagram 3). Cross stitch in two strands DMC Anchor Madeira Clear symbols, colours & all the info you need! blanc 01 310 415 471 3831 2 397 403 398 266 1006 2402 1805 2400 1802 1501 507 white light grey black grey green pink Z 10 10 j Thread brands W Zj Zj Z Z The thread shades are listed in separate columns for the different manufactur­er brands of thread. For best results, you should stick to one manufactur­er for the whole of a design. Zj Zj Z ZjjZ Zj Z 4 Z ZZZZZ Z ZZZZZZ Zj 9 ZWZZZj<

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