As well as the an­nual tasks of prun­ing, bulb plant­ing and lawn main­te­nance, I hope to find the time to do these im­por­tant tasks.

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Di­vide the rhubarb

There is a large clump of rhubarb at the bot­tom of my gar­den, but the stalks pro­duced this year have been short and floppy. In the hope of re-en­er­gis­ing the plant, I’m go­ing to di­vide it by cut­ting out sec­tions from around the edge, and grow these on. If the orig­i­nal plant still fails to pro­duce a good har­vest next year I can re­place it with these.

Tidy the shed

I love my shed. It is some­thing of a Tardis, and seems to ac­com­mo­date ef­fort­lessly a mot­ley col­lec­tion of tools, half-empty bags of pot­ting com­post, chil­dren’s plas­tic toys, bi­cy­cles, and more.

How­ever, it is now be­com­ing dif­fi­cult to find any­thing. It needs sort­ing out so I can put more stuff into it!

Empty the com­post bin

Now’s the time to give a good mulch to bor­ders and raised veg­etable beds. My com­post bin is full, and I have be­gun dig­ging out the well-rot­ted part at the base. This com­post is still quite bulky and full of stalks. How­ever, it looks rich and sticky so it should still do the job.

Build a “hog­pod”

A “hog­pod” is what friends in the vil­lage call their homemade hedge­hog home. It’s been very suc­cess­ful, and they now have a fam­ily with five hoglets. I used to have a hedge­hog house, but, as it was never in­hab­ited, I got rid of it to make more space in the bor­der.

Now I’m won­der­ing whether hedge­hogs pre­fer cer­tain ar­chi­tec­ture, so I’m plan­ning to build again fol­low­ing the de­sign of my friends’ hedge­hog house. Hedge­hogs usu­ally go into hi­ber­na­tion in Novem­ber, so it may be too late to at­tract ten­ants this year, but it’s worth a try.

In­stall a wa­ter butt

The sum­mer of 2018 has taught me how im­por­tant it is to con­serve wa­ter. The gut­ter­ing on both my house and shed drain into soak­aways in the ground. As a re­sult, all that valu­able rain­wa­ter is lost. There are many dif­fer­ent types, sizes and style of wa­ter butt on the market so I will in­ves­ti­gate the op­tions.

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