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With the pre­sen­ta­tion of VICE PRO SOFT in March 2017, Vice closes “the niche for am­a­teur golfers that want pre­mium golf balls, in or­der to match their play­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics”, the founder and CEO Ingo Düll­mann de­scribes the new ad­di­tion. “The VICE PRO SOFT is very soft with its core com­pres­sion of 35 and con­nects large dis­tances from the tee and max­i­mum spin and con­trol in the short game, es­pe­cially with medium swing speeds”, co-founder Rainer Stöckl fur­ther ex­plains. An­other nov­elty: the VICE PRO SOFT is the first golf ball in the cast ure­thane seg­ment with an “antiglare matt fin­ish”, re­duc­ing the glare in strong sun­light and at the same time en­sures bet­ter de­tectabil­ity dur­ing the ball flight. Thereby, it is up to the golfer whether he chooses the Vice ball in matt white or the neon de­signs matt-neon-lime or matt-neon-red. In the tra­di­tional golf mar­ket changes are crit­i­cally eyed, es­pe­cially if they are ini­ti­ated by young, new com­pa­nies. The founders Ingo Düll­mann and Rainer Stöckl com­pete with this vice in or­der to stir up an en­tire in­dus­try with their busi­ness model. What was said to be a bold idea and had to fight prej­u­dice in the be­gin­ning, soon turned out to be promis­ing. The busi­ness model is sim­ple: while a golf ball of a clas­sic pre­mium golf brand gets to the con­sumer via an av­er­age of three in­ter­me­di­aries and a price in­crease of four to five hun­dred per­cent, one avoids ex­pen­sive stores and tra­di­tional sales chan­nels with Vice. By sell­ing on­line ex­clu­sively, the young com­pany from Mu­nich man­ages to of­fer pre­mium qual­ity at a great price. With the de­sire for in­no­va­tion, nov­elty and im­prove­ment, en­gi­neers from the ar­eas of physics, chem­istry and aero­nau­tics work on op­ti­miz­ing the Vice balls and have set new stan­dards with the new pre­mium model VICE PRO SOFT: The ex­tra soft cast ure­thane ball in­creases the dis­tance from the tee with­out hav­ing to sac­ri­fice the max­i­mum in feel and con­trol in the short game. Dif­fi­cult pin po­si­tions can be played more ag­gres­sively with the VICE PRO SOFT and ex­tra dis­tance off the tee helps to achieve even bet­ter scores. Re­gard­less of this, all ball mod­els were re­fined by Vice Golf and shine with an im­proved outer coat­ing and an in­creased Uv-re­sis­tance, as well as a new pack­ag­ing de­sign in 2017. Or­der on­line ex­clu­sively at: www.vice­

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