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Iron shots work best when struck with a de­scend­ing at­tack an­gle. This cre­ates the com­pres­sion and spin needed for the op­ti­mal power and flight. Club de­sign­ers help you de­liver this ball-turf strike by engi­neer­ing shaft lean and off­set into each iron, but you can also work on your tech­nique to make the most of that tech­nol­ogy. Here’s how to find a pure strike and a pen­e­trat­ing flight.


Keep­ing the club­head be­hind the ball, sim­ply try to throw the ball in your trail hand down on top of the for­ward ball. This drill gives you a feel for ap­ply­ing down­ward pres­sure through the im­pact zone. You’ll also cre­ate for­ward shaft lean nat­u­rally as you re­lease the ball.


Be­fore we get into the tech­nique, sit the club in its maker’s po­si­tion for a mo­ment. See how, with the ball in the mid­dle of your stance, shaft is an­gled for­ward to­wards the lead thigh. This, al­lied to the club’s off­set (shaft for­ward of face) helps put your hands ahead of the ball at ad­dress.


Al­ways form your set-up around the way the club was de­signed. This is a sim­ple way to put your­self in a strong po­si­tion to de­liver the club with this for­ward shaft lean and a down­ward, com­press­ing at­tack an­gle. Play the ball cen­trally or just for­ward of cen­tre in your stance.


This drill also helps ed­u­cate your trail hand to give the de­layed re­lease needed to find that down­ward strike. A more flicky, cast­ing re­lease sees the club­head rise through im­pact, caus­ing thins and duffs.

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