Short game: Tee up a wedge

An easy way to stop chop­ping at your chip shots

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An easy way to stop chop­ping at your chip shots.

Fault: Poor strike and dis­tance con­trol, caused by a steep at­tack an­gle Fix: Hit balls off a tee to shal­low out your de­liv­ery

No doubt you’ve read that when it comes to irons, you need to squeeze the ball for the per­fect strike. While it’s true a down­ward at­tack is ideal for iron shots, that an­gle only needs to be fairly sub­tle. A slight down­ward hit al­lows you to present the maker’s loft to the ball, and lets you use the for­giv­ing sole bounce; but turn a slight squeeze into a steep chop and you de­loft the club and in­vite a snag­ging im­pact with the club’s sharp lead­ing edge. To find the cor­rect at­tack an­gle, try this four-ball drill.

Bruise the turf By the time you reach the fourth ball – on the turf – your body and arms will be primed to cre­ate a shal­lower at­tack. Make that flat­ter­based action on this fi­nal ball and you’ll bruise the turf af­ter im­pact, rather than tak­ing a divot. You’ll cre­ate a nice, crisp strike. High tee Set up four balls in a row. Tee the first at driver height, the sec­ond fair­way wood height, the third at iron height and leave the fourth on the turf. Take your wedge and strike each ball in turn. Solid con­tact With the teed balls, all you are look­ing to achieve is solid con­tact. If your at­tack an­gle is too steep you can’t de­liver it; you’ll ei­ther go un­der the ball or catch it off the top of the club. Solid strikes will see you start to de­velop a flat­ter base as you work down the line. TG TOP 50 ADRIAN FRYER FEL­LOW OF THE PGA Based at True Fit Golf Cen­tre, War­ring­ton. See more at www.solid

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