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How a cou­ple of peb­bles can stop you slic­ing

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Fault: Loop­ing the club out­side the line Fix: Use two stones to re­verse the loop

With logic sug­gest­ing that an in­side back­swing path will pro­mote an in­side at­tack path, the typ­i­cal move to de­feat an over-the-top de­liv­ery sees the club golfer whip the club back in­side the line. How­ever, it doesn’t al­ways work that way. With this overly in­side path the club tends to lift straight up to com­plete the back­swing – caus­ing a loop which takes the club out­side the line and pro­motes that slice. The key to de­feat­ing that out-to-in path is to re­verse the loop. Let me show you how two stones from the gar­den can help.

Swing down over the in­ner stone Room cre­ated Loop re­ver­sal This drill – back over the outer stone, down over the in­ner one – works by re­vers­ing the in­side-and-over-the-top loop trap so many slicers fall into. While it sounds sim­ple, don’t ex­pect in­stant suc­cess – it takes time to change the shape of your swing. As you swing the club, you will be able to see the stones in your pe­riph­eral vi­sion. Make it your goal to de­liver the club over the in­side stone. Don’t worry too much where the ball goes; this is more about train­ing a new path. That straighter take­away cre­ated by the outer stone sets upa more up­right plane to your back­swing, as well as a strong, wide arc. This cre­ates the room for you to drop the club onto a shal­lower plane, en­cour­ag­ing that in­side at­tack path.

Set in stone Po­si­tion the first stone 12-18 inches be­hind the ball on an ex­ten­sion of your ball-to-tar­get line. Put the sec­ond one 6 inches in­side it. Take your 6-iron and adopt your reg­u­lar stance.

Swing back over outer stone Swing the club back over the first, outer stone. If you are prone to whip­ping the club back in­side, this move takes the club back on a much straighter path that will feel odd at first. But per­se­vere.

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