Sham­poo shot

‘Throw’ sand over your shoul­der for bet­ter sand con­tact

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Fault: The club dig­ging in to the sand Fix: Re­tain club­face loft

In green­side bunkers, we want the sand wedge to skim the sand rather than dig down into it. The club is de­signed to as­sist you through its sole bounce. But you can in­crease this ef­fect by ro­tat­ing the face open at ad­dress, which also adds loft to the face, help­ing you clear the lip. But set­ting the face open is only part of the story; you also need to make a swing that stops the face squar­ing into im­pact. This drill will help you – though you might need a hair­wash af­ter­wards...

Over-throw Make a com­plete back­swing and try to throw the sand on the face over your shoul­der, to the tar­get. If you man­age it, your loft is in­tact; the toe of the club­head will point straight down, or even a lit­tle be­hind you. Head in the sand A...

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