A faster club­head means longer shots, But you don't need bulging mus­cles - just a bet­ter tech­nique.

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We don’t need a launch mon­i­tor to tell us that if we move the club faster, we in­crease our po­ten­tial for hit­ting the ball fur­ther. Boost­ing your speed, though, is not quite as sim­ple as it sounds. In­creased speed can­not come at the ex­pense of strike. Move faster at the ex­pense of con­trol and you’re rob­bing Dustin to pay Ser­gio. The first thing to es­tab­lish is that in­creas­ing speed doesn’t mean a faster swing; it only means a faster club­head at im­pact. The drills here cover el­e­ments like tim­ing and se­quenc­ing to help you gain club­head mph at the right time. The sec­ond thing is that many golfers think you need strength to move the club at speed. OK, it can help. But in­creas­ing club and ball speed is much more to do with tech­nique than mus­cle. I will show you how to hone that tech­nique... and as ever in golf, it starts with your set-up.

Pho­tographed at the beau­ti­ful Palmeraie re­sort, Mar­rakech, Mo­rocco. For de­tails visit www.palm­golf­club­mar­

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