The GPS in your trol­ley

Powakaddy and Mo­to­caddy un­veil new mod­els that do more than just carry your bag

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Prices: £549.99 (stan­dard lithium); £599.99 (ex­tended lithium). Down­hill Con­trol (DHC) model £599.99 (stan­dard) and £649.99 (ex­tended)

In a nut­shell: The new S5 Con­nect can be synced to a Mo­to­caddy GPS app, so the trol­ley’s dig­i­tal dis­play can be used in place of a con­ven­tional GPS, of­fer­ing front, mid­dle and back dis­tances to the green (yards or me­tres), along with the hole’s par, clock and round timer. Other fea­tures: Soft-touch er­gonomic han­dle; stream­lined bat­tery tray to ac­com­mo­date a range of lithium bat­ter­ies; QUIKFOLD mech­a­nism; low-pro­file, quick-re­lease wheels. A Down­hill Con­trol (DHC) ver­sion main­tains a con­stant speed while mov­ing down a gra­di­ent.

Mo­to­caddy says: “The S5 Con­nect is at the fore­front of golf tech­nol­ogy and we’re proud to be pi­o­neer­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of elec­tric trol­leys. It acts as the ul­ti­mate caddy for any golfer out on the course – car­ry­ing your bag and giv­ing you ac­cu­rate yardages on each hole. We’ve part­nered with the world’s lead­ing golf GPS map­ping com­pany to pro­vide the most ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy ever found in a com­bi­na­tion of a golf trol­ley and

mo­bile phone app.”


Price: £749.99 In a nut­shell: While the Mo­to­caddy uses your phone’s GPS to get its yardages, Powakaddy’s FW7 has a GPS unit ac­tu­ally built into the han­dle. The dig­i­tal dis­play re­veals fast, ac­cu­rate dis­tances to the front, mid­dle and back of the green at over 30,000 cour­ses world­wide, plus pre­cise dis­tances to haz­ards with­out the need to take out an­other de­vice. Cour­ses can be up­dated by con­nect­ing the FW7’S GPS to the Powakaddy web­site via a port un­der­neath the han­dle. Other fea­tures: Plug ‘n’ Play bat­tery sys­tem; low-pro­file Powaframe chas­sis; A thin, pow­er­ful lithium bat­tery; Quiet 230W mo­tor; Three-year war­ranty.

Powakaddy says: “We’re re­ally, re­ally ex­cited about our in­te­grated GPS tech­nol­ogy and what it means for the per­for­mance-fo­cused golfer. Golfers can man­age their game from their trol­ley han­dle with­out get­ting any other de­vice out – a real land­mark mo­ment. As the GPS is built-in to the han­dle, we be­lieve it of­fers a re­li­able source of dis­tance mea­sure­ment that is ir­re­spec­tive of mo­bile sig­nal, bat­tery or in­ter­net data. Plus, this trol­ley has all the fea­tures of our award-win­ning Free­way.

All-in -one Yardages, par speed, clock and timer are all dis­played in the new S5 con­nect.

Not just a GPS

Re­ac­tive The FW7 aims to im­prove your per­for­mance.

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