Train your brain for golf

Ja­son Day is a fan of this head­band that in­ter­prets your brain­waves

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Fo­cus Band £550­cus­ “Take it one shot at a time” is a mas­sively overused term in tour player cir­cles. It’s trot­ted out be­fore the last round of every Ma­jor by play­ers who’ve never won one. But for any­one who’s ac­tu­ally tried do­ing it for real, it’s in­cred­i­bly dif­fi­cult. Keep­ing your mind in the now and not let­ting it wan­der to your next shot, or the tough par 3 over wa­ter that’s com­ing up on the back nine, or who’ll you’ll thank in the win­ner’s speech just doesn’t come nat­u­rally to lots of us. Be­lieve it or not four years ago world No.3 Ja­son Day was in the same boat; he was se­ri­ously con­sid­er­ing quit­ting the game be­cause he just couldn’t stay in the now. That was be­fore Fo­cus Band con­vinced him to give their brain sens­ing head band a go. For any­one who’s tried “brain train­ing” be­fore, how to mea­sure suc­cess or know what you’re do­ing is right has al­ways been an issue. But the Fo­cus Band mea­sures the brain’s elec­tri­cal fre­quen­cies (like an ECG mea­sures your heart) and shows them on an app so you in­stantly see its ac­tiv­ity. The sys­tem aims to get you out of us­ing the crit­i­cal left side of the brain and fo­cus on the cre­ative right side. It works dur­ing a pre-shot rou­tine, while ad­dress­ing a shot as well as dur­ing your swing. Some golfers have even played whole rounds (it’s not com­pe­ti­tion le­gal) wear­ing the band to see how the brain goes into over­drive when faced with dif­fi­cult holes or shots. The idea is that over time the band and app train you to re­lax, qui­eten the brain and al­low you to fo­cus just on the shot you’re play­ing. Day has built what he’s learned into a solid pre-shot rou­tine to clear his mind, qui­eten his eyes and fo­cus on his tar­get, rather than get­ting bogged down with swing thoughts and what’s ahead. Fo­cus Band is a se­ri­ous bit of kit, and likely only to get into the hands of elite play­ers, but it’s in­ter­est­ing to see how much of a role the world’s best are will­ing to let tech­nol­ogy play a role in their games. Justin Rose, Padraig Har­ring­ton and Michelle Wie are all us­ing th­ese bands, too.

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