A leap for­ward for golf shoes

Tech in golf isn’t just lim­ited to fancy driv­ers, launch mon­i­tors and gad­gets...

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adi­das Crossknit Boost £139.95

www.adi­das.co.uk If we’d been told a few years ago “knit­ted shoes” would be on the golf radar in 2017 we’d have laughed. They con­jure im­ages of old ladies mak­ing them in shawls, but trust us th­ese are packed with tech. Why go knit­ted? adi­das say it cre­ates the ul­ti­mate in fit and feel along with ex­cel­lent breatha­bil­ity. We’ve tried them, and it’s like walk­ing in slip­pers, with the sta­bil­ity of a nor­mal golf shoe.

Ecco Cool £220

www.glob­alecco.com The boffins at Gore (of Gore­tex fame) have a long his­tory of cre­at­ing bril­liant wa­ter­proof and breath­able mem­branes. Un­til now mem­branes have only ever worked on a golf shoe’s up­per. But Ecco cut chan­nels in­side the sole, so air flows un­der­neath the foot (a third of a foot’s sweat glands are in the sole). Gore cre­ated a new sur­round mem­brane to en­velop the whole foot as well. It means sweat can es­cape much more eas­ily.

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