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Maple­wood, New Jer­sey Model 993 Car­rera Year 1995

Ac­quired May 2007 Model 991 Car­rera S Year 2013

Ac­quired March 2013 Model 930 3.3

Year 1986

Ac­quired April 2014 Model 964 Car­rera Year 1994

Ac­quired June 2014 Model 930 Targa Year 1988

Ac­quired April 2015

I had re­cently at­tended the largest Cars and Cof­fee event ever held in the State of New Jer­sey. The event was held at Para­mus Park, which is one of the largest malls in the state. It was also held on a Sun­day when, in­ter­est­ingly, the mall is closed for busi­ness. I knew with all the pre-event hype and per­fect weather that it was go­ing to be big, but had no idea how big!

The en­tire park­ing lot all the way around the mall was filled with cars. The or­gan­is­ers did a great job of sep­a­rat­ing them by mar­que. Porsche had by far the most cars, with two en­tire lots filled. BMW was a dis­tant 2nd, and Fer­rari was prob­a­bly 3rd. Around the back of the mall they also had lots for var­i­ous JDM makes (good place for them) and US mus­cle cars (lots and lots of Corvettes).

Among the Porsche was no less than five Car­rera GTS, most were sil­ver, but one was very strik­ing in a shade of Tif­fany blue. There were also sev­eral 918s, in­clud­ing one in Viper green, and a red 959. Both 997 and 991 gen­er­a­tions of GT3 RS and a cou­ple of GT2 RS were rep­re­sented as well. It was won­der­ful to see such a range of Porsche and chat to other own­ers and fan­ac­tics.

I should also men­tion that in at­ten­dance were at least 2 P1s, sev­eral La­fer­raris, a GT40 Gulf edi­tion, 2 SLR Mclarens and lit­er­ally hun­dreds of Gal­lar­dos, Mur­ciéla­gos, F430s, 599s, Hu­racáns, 458s, Aven­ta­dors, Wraiths, 570s and 650s… the list goes on and on. Some­one had es­ti­mated there was over $1 bil­lion worth of cars at the mall that day.

Be­yond these ‘stars’ there was about ev­ery type of 911 you could think of

(old and new). I per­son­ally drove my

930 Targa to the show (just be­fore drop­ping it off at Pro­to­sport for the worked dis­cussed last is­sue), and I was fol­lowed in by a mod­i­fied 930 Cabri­o­let with a men­ac­ing growl in a darker shade of blue.

I was a bit sur­prised how much at­ten­tion the 930 Targa re­ceived, in­clud­ing among some younger peo­ple, which, given all the ex­otic hard­ware on dis­play, was even more sig­nif­i­cant. It was quite an event, and the ex­haust sounds, revs and pop­ping over­runs when cars ex­ited was spec­tac­u­lar.

So far, no spe­cific word back on the re­pairs to my 930 Targa, which you may re­call in­cluded a full tune-up, re­plac­ing the third gear syn­chro, new clutch and ad­dress­ing some mi­nor is­sues. Mainly re­lieved that at least as of writ­ing… no bro­ken head studs have been re­ported! Other than that, I’m con­tin­u­ing to drive the 991 C2S deep into the win­ter sea­son – it’s such a plea­sure!

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