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War­wick­shire, UK @kyle­for­tune205 @Kyle_­for­tune

Model 993 Car­rera 2 Year 1994

Ac­quired De­cem­ber 2014

MOT passed. The an­nual need to get a ticket for the Car­rera throw­ing up the usual chal­lenges of where, when and more be­sides, not to men­tion the worry of it not pass­ing. It should, and did, but the ‘where’ and ‘when’ bit was the next of my con­cerns. Now, I’m sure you’ve all got firm opin­ions on this, but I sim­ply took it to my lo­cal Kwik Fit. Yes, it’s a big, main­stream out­let, but a car’s a car, and, in all hon­estly, I was swung by price and con­ve­nience.

As they’re only check­ing it over, rather than do­ing any ac­tual work on it, there’s less need to be so pre­cious, and the whole process was pain­less. It only cost me £30, was eas­ily booked in on­line and paid for in ad­vance. No sur­prises when I came to pay then – one in­de­pen­dent garage stung me £85 for an MOT a few years back, which seems a bit steep. I won’t fall for that again.

Any­way, it’s all le­gal, which means the Car­rera can be pressed back into oc­ca­sional ser­vice when the mood or need takes me. In­ter­est­ingly, I’ll be run­ning a new 911 for a cou­ple of months along­side it, a fairly stan­dard Car­rera off the UK press fleet.

It’ll be in­ter­est­ing to gen­uinely backto-back the cars, and see where over 20 years of progress has brought us… So there’ll be an in­ter­loper on these back pages for a cou­ple of months, though that shouldn’t mean my green 993’s stuck in the garage. Af­ter all, now it’s got its new MOT I’ve no ex­cuse, re­ally.

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