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dear Sir,

In a re­cent sales de­bate in the back of the mag­a­zine, your team pon­dered whether the clas­sic mar­ket was stalling. You put the ques­tion to some Euro­pean-based mar­ket spe­cial­ists, and the out­look as listed was rather calm­ing. The gen­eral con­sen­sus seemed to be it had bot­tomed out. How­ever, I dis­agree.

House prices have slowed in the past year (this is al­ways a good in­di­ca­tor as to what the clas­sic car mar­ket is do­ing), with Lon­don in fact re­ced­ing. On top of this I know some are now try­ing to get out of their clas­sic cars, as they be­lieve a re­ces­sion is com­ing. I’ve also seen many cars are sit­ting around on fore­courts for months, sug­gest­ing their value is too high or peo­ple just don’t want to spend their cash due to mar­ket wor­ries. Ei­ther sce­nario sug­gests val­ues of clas­sics need to come down de­spite the mar­ket shrink­ing in the past year or so, which you ad­mit­ted in your ed­i­to­rial.

You may now be won­der­ing why I’ve de­cided to get in con­tact. Is it to pour cold wa­ter on the mar­ket and get ev­ery­body wor­ried? In fact it’s the op­po­site. It shouldn’t mat­ter what the mar­ket is do­ing. Only spec­u­la­tors and ‘in­vestors’ will care. For en­thu­si­asts like you and I, if the mar­ket col­lapses, so what? We’ll just go back to the old days where buy­ing and own­ing a Porsche was an ex­pen­sive hobby, but the fun had be­hind the wheel was worth all that cash lost. It’ll be in­ter­est­ing to see if the mar­ket does ad­just some more if peo­ple ac­tu­ally be­gin driv­ing their 911s again. rob cross

I imag­ine an en­thu­si­ast sell­ing his 911 may well still take an in­ter­est in what the mar­ket is do­ing! Ul­ti­mately, no­body can pre­dict what the mar­ket is about to do – cer­tainly in this case there are sim­ply too many fac­tors, po­lit­i­cally speak­ing, that can have an ef­fect. How­ever, the peo­ple we spoke to are highly thought of in their field and have been around long enough to have seen nu­mer­ous eco­nom­i­cal cy­cles, and wit­nessed how the 911 has fared through all of them. We felt of all par­ties in­clined to of­fer an opin­ion on the sub­ject, theirs were to be of most in­ter­est to read­ers.

It is im­por­tant you do what you be­lieve is right with your own cars. If we adopt a mind­set of years gone by where we are happy to own a porsche 911 and know we will lose money on it, then the state of the econ­omy shouldn’t mat­ter too much, and as you know, we’re big ad­vo­cates of ac­tu­ally en­joy­ing your 911.

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