Legend of the 996 – or 7?

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Your re­cent is­sue heap­ing ac­claim on the 996 made for an in­ter­est­ing read. The 996 may only now be pop­u­lar, but the 997 has al­ways found favour with buy­ers. It’s a su­pe­rior car, of­fers a bet­ter drive, and has a bet­ter in­te­rior. Look at a

997 head-on and you can still see a 993! If you look at prices where the 996 has slowly ap­pre­ci­ated, it’s now just be­low val­ues of the 997. Surely the 997 has to be the bet­ter buy? A much bet­ter car for not a lot more cash… I agree to an ex­tent that the 997 is a bet­ter car for not a lot more out­lay, how­ever there’s a def­i­nite bridge be­tween like-for-like val­ues – it is only when you look at cars like the 996 c4s that it en­croaches on val­ues of en­try-level 997s. even then, some may like the idea of a 911 with less driver aids or tech­no­log­i­cal in­put, plus the 996 kept to com­pul­sory an­nual ser­vic­ing, whereas the 997 switched to bian­nual. ei­ther way there’s pros and cons to both cars – you should al­ways weigh them up and choose the right car for you.

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