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dear Sir, There have been nu­mer­ous ac­counts in the press and on fo­rums re­gard­ing the (un)avail­abil­ity of GT cars. I’m not re­fer­ring here to the al­lo­ca­tion process, as that has been cov­ered many times, but in­stead on ac­tual parts for th­ese cars.

It is widely known Porsche wasn’t able to of­fer all its 991.2 GT3 RSS with the Weis­sach

Pack be­cause it couldn’t make the light­weight mag­ne­sium wheels in time. In the UK the Weis­sach Pack was never of­fered on the GT3 RS be­cause of this. It was then re­ported Porsche had prob­lems with its Ital­ian sup­pli­ers for the Weis­sach Pack’s cage, and there are now reports on­line that some WP cars are be­ing de­liv­ered with re­place­ment steer­ing wheels while the car­bon parts are man­u­fac­tured. I didn’t get a GT3 RS this time round (I’ve been promised a batch two car… we’ll see) but I’m not too dis­ap­pointed to miss out when it seems Porsche is having grave prob­lems ful­fill­ing its obli­ga­tion to build cars peo­ple have paid for! anony­mous

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