Model 911 SC Year 1982 Ac­quired April 2014 Model 964 Car­rera 4 Year 1989 Ac­quired Septem­ber 2004

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A 964-own­ing friend, Jack Pe­go­raro, con­tacted me a cou­ple of months ago to do a film about my cars. He’d picked up on a comment I’d made about my cars’ sta­tus as the unloved 911s. Check out Jack’s Youtube chan­nel, Num­ber27, to see the com­par­i­son be­tween them in his film, un­sur­pris­ingly ti­tled ‘Unloved 911s’. It was fun, but it in­ad­ver­tently wound up chang­ing my 911-own­er­ship out­look for­ever. Rather than be­ing a glo­ri­ous coro­na­tion, see­ing both cars side-by-side as fin­ished projects be­came an im­pe­tus for change.

Af­ter 14 years’ own­er­ship with

Wolfi I de­cided that the time had come to let him go to pas­tures new. I’d had fun with the car, mod­i­fy­ing him as far as I was com­fort­able with, and had honed him into my vi­sion of what a ‘sorted’ C4 should be. I’ve driven him all over the Bri­tish Isles and Europe, and have a head full of trea­sured mem­o­ries at the wheel. He hasn’t gone far, how­ever, as my other half is Wolfi’s new owner.

For a while now Alan has been itch­ing to do a build based on a 964 C2, and we’d been ca­su­ally look­ing out for a suit­able can­di­date to rock up for sale. Our friend Ty­rone at Riviera Au­to­body tipped us off about a C2 po­ten­tially com­ing to mar­ket that was a bit scruffy, but an ideal ba­sis for a project. At the same time our friend Neil at BS Mo­tor­sport un­earthed a track-fo­cused C4 project in need of a new di­rec­tion. How­ever, both of th­ese cars were al­most £40K, which af­ter fac­tor­ing the restora­tion and build costs in killed the plan off, as we’re both in­cred­i­bly re­sis­tant to pay­ing the cur­rent mar­ket prices for an air-cooled 911. I’d bought Wolfi for £16K in 2004, Al bought Sabine the 3.2 in 2013 for £17K and had bought St­effi the SC for me in 2014 for £20K be­fore the prices got out of con­trol, putting us the right side of fi­nan­cial pru­dence – well, as much as pos­si­ble in the dis­torted world of man-maths and dis­cre­tionary mul­ti­ple Porsche pur­chas­ing. £40K was a stretch too far and Al got pretty glum!

I’ve gone on record in the past in this worthy tome as say­ing I wanted to dou­ble St­effi the SC’S mileage when I got her at 200,000 miles. It slowly dawned on me that at the cur­rent rate of us­age I’ll be an old lady by the time that hap­pens, es­pe­cially if I’m di­vid­ing my 911 miles across two cars. Also, why start with a tatty 964 base car for a build when a re­stored car was star­ing us in the face? My hus­band had kindly bought St­effi for me and paid for her restora­tion, so was it not time to do some­thing in re­turn? He’s now having a lot of fun con­sid­er­ing the spec for Wolfi’s fu­ture, but the base­line will be a C2 con­ver­sion.

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