Model 993 Car­rera 2 Year 1994 Ac­quired De­cem­ber 2014

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Ever since I bought the 993 I’ve been pon­der­ing what to do with the stereo. The old head unit, a Porsche-branded CR 21 Becker cas­sette player, looks fine, and the ra­dio works, but it lacks any sort of modern con­nec­tiv­ity. I’m still a bit old-school; not old school enough to have cas­settes, but I’m still a buyer of CDS, so I’ve long been on the hunt for a pe­riod CD player which I could also add ipod con­nec­tiv­ity to via the changer con­trol.

The thing is, they’re ex­pen­sive. Browse ebay and you’re look­ing at the thick end of £700 for a Porsche-branded CD player, which is just daft. What I re­ally needed, sug­gested the peo­ple at Porsche UK, was Porsche’s Clas­sic Nav­i­ga­tion. It’s not cheap at a lit­tle over £1,000 and, full dis­clo­sure here, it’s on loan for me to re­view for a while, but given the price of a sec­ond-hand CD player it’s a bit of a bar­gain.

Having fit­ted a DIN stereo in my old 205 GTI a few years ago I fig­ured it couldn’t be too much trou­ble, but Richie Payne at the press garage said he’d help. I say help, what I mean is ‘do’, though I did my bit hold­ing wires, torches and try­ing to be use­ful.

More than an or­di­nary stereo fit­ment, the Clas­sic Nav­i­ga­tion needs a GPS sen­sor, Payne po­si­tion­ing it be­hind the front bumper and rout­ing the wiring up be­hind the head­light, though the boot and be­hind the dash. Pop­ping the head­light out is a cinch, it also re­veal­ing the Xenon con­ver­sion on the back of the light, Payne say­ing it’s the neat­est, small­est con­ver­sion he’s ever seen – having seen a good few. An­other plus in my 993’s box.

Ad­di­tional wiring was also re­quired to put the mi­cro­phone for the Blue­tooth tele­phone con­nec­tion in, which is po­si­tioned neatly on the steer­ing col­umn cover, Payne push­ing out the in­stru­ments to route the ca­bling so none of it is vis­i­ble. Like­wise, the unit con­tain­ing an aux socket and twin USB ports for charg­ing and con­nect­ing smart­phones, ipods and such­like has been se­creted away in the glove­box.

The re­sult is fan­tas­tic, and the unit it­self looks ab­so­lutely spot on.

Touch­screen tech­nol­ogy in a 993!

You wouldn’t have be­lieved it back in 1994, but it works beau­ti­fully. The map­ping is de­cent – par­tic­u­larly given

the screen size – the op­er­a­tion sim­ple, too. As I use it more and more I’ll re­veal how I get on with it, but first im­pres­sions are over­whelm­ingly pos­i­tive. In­deed, ev­ery time I get into a pre-996 911 with­out it, or fit­ted with some pe­riod af­ter­mar­ket item, I wince.

The next job was to ready the car for Good­wood, where I’d be driv­ing a few choice his­torics up the hill – some of which you’ll have read about on th­ese pages. I fig­ured as I was there for a few days I’d take my bike to es­cape and en­joy the coun­try­side, and fit­ted some Thule roof bars to do so. I’ll go into more de­tail about th­ese next month, but in the mean­time here’s a pic­ture…

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