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Total 911 - - Living The Legend – 911 Owner Reports - Joe Wil­liams Wey­mouth, UK

2018 for me is all about par­tic­i­pa­tion: say ‘yes’ and do as many things as pos­si­ble. For cars that means more events, more track days, more road trips, more driv­ing and of course… this col­umn.

Porsche for me was a nat­u­ral progression from my younger days be­ing ob­sessed with all things clas­sic Volk­swa­gen. Sim­i­larly to those VW days, Porsche bites you with the same bug! Any gen­uine Porsche en­thu­si­ast in my opin­ion knows that it is so much more than just a brand. It’s an ethos, a move­ment and even a way of life that stays with you.

My 911 story started with a 996 Targa with the Tip­tronic ‘box that changed gears… even­tu­ally! It was heavy and cum­ber­some, but still fairly fast and han­dled how a Porsche should.

Af­ter only a year of own­er­ship (and a cheeky deal), a 997.1 C2S Cabrio fol­lowed. It felt light years ahead of the 996 and was a plea­sure to drive in ev­ery way. I’m not nor­mally a fan of any Cabri­o­let, but that car al­most con­verted me. I next made the mis­take of vis­it­ing my lo­cal OPC only to find my­self having a test drive in a 991.1 C2 GTS Coupe. As it turned out, the demo car was avail­able and, well, that was that. I bought it. I loved that car; it was great in ev­ery way and gen­uinely spe­cial to drive. I don’t mind ad­mit­ting I didn’t ac­tu­ally re­alise how spe­cial it was un­til it went.

Then came the flut­ter with a GT4, which no­body can ar­gue with as be­ing a great driver’s tool and a spe­cial piece of equip­ment. It was so pre­cise, but for me it just didn’t have that spe­cial some­thing that I’ve come to as­so­ciate with driv­ing a Porsche, and so I moved it on.

Then came the 912. Having missed some­thing ‘old’ in my life for so long, I de­cided it was time to fill that gap. Com­ing from some­one with four­cylin­der, air-cooled roots, the 912 seemed like a fun way to get that back.

The bit I’ve missed out is that I buy cars as daily drivers, not week­end or sunny day garage queens. The 912 is, there­fore, driven very reg­u­larly. I can’t ex­plain how great that lit­tle car is: I think it’s a keeper. Per­haps ev­ery­one should go back a few years and re­con­nect with what made Porsche so spe­cial.

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