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One Uk-based tuner pro­duces some of the most se­nior tun­ing pack­ages in the world for 911s, with records to back it up. To­tal 911 vis­its ES Mo­tor…

Total 911 - - Es Motor Uk - Writ­ten & pho­tographed by Alis­dair Cu­sick

Porsche own­ers can per­haps be com­pared to pizza lovers. Are you an au­then­tic purist who would only con­sider a thin base, tomato and herb sauce and a light scat­ter­ing of moz­zarella? Are you a top­ping lover who wants more, so goes for a Hawai­ian, never mind the Ital­ians who de­cry pineap­ple for not be­long­ing on one? Or are you an all-in pizza fan who has their own per­sonal favourite mix of all­sorts, loaded with what­ever you want and as spicy as it can be?

Just like pizza fans, Porsche own­ers fol­low a sim­i­lar vein. Some own­ers only want that as-it-left-the-fac­tory look, whereas an­other loves their air­cooled car, but wants to make it go a bit faster, or look like a 1973 RS. Then there are those for who Stuttgart’s finest is merely a base, and they use that to go as far as they pos­si­bly can. Those cus­tomers need a com­pany who push those lim­its to the ragged edge and back. Those peo­ple go to ES Mo­tor.

Started in 2008 by Ibrahim Akpinar and son Emre, ES Mo­tor then opened its UK branch in 2014 with Amir Mo­hud­din, though Emre re­mains the sole map­per of all ve­hi­cles. The Mil­ton Keynes-based com­pany ini­tially built a 997 GT2, push­ing the fac­tory 523bhp en­gine to a po­tent 850bhp with its ES850 pack­age. To un­leash its po­ten­tial they took it to the VMAX event at Brunt­ingth­orpe in 2015 where it made a very pleas­ing 203.3mph. “The com­pany ba­si­cally grew from there,” re­calls Ibrahim. “We then built an ES1400 us­ing a 2006 Turbo Tip­tronic, then a per­sonal car for me us­ing a 4.3-litre en­gine in a 997 Gen1 Turbo.” If you haven’t re­alised, their ES pack­ages carry the suf­fix of the horse­power pro­duced, with torque be­ing roughly equal. Yes, you read that right; the ES1400 makes a 911 pro­duce 1,400bhp.

If 1,400bhp doesn’t melt your brain, then lis­ten to this. “In test­ing, the ES1400 felt like it wasn’t enough,” ex­plains Ibrahim. “We felt there was more po­ten­tial, so in­stead of top speed runs we changed to quar­ter mile runs. It’s a bench­mark. Ev­ery­thing is [then] equal, be­ing mea­sured over a set dis­tance.” A max­i­mum speed run can ob­vi­ously take any dis­tance to achieve, de­spite be­ing on a long run­way. A timed, set dis­tance fixes ev­ery­one’s vari­ables, giv­ing a fair com­par­i­son for ul­ti­mate per­for­mance. Ul­ti­mate per­for­mance is per­haps a fit­ting ti­tle to at­tribute, for they took the 1,400 car fur­ther by cre­at­ing their ‘ES XXX’, which ap­proaches a tyre-shred­ding 2,000bhp. This guise was to bag them

quite an ac­co­lade, as Ibrahim proudly re­calls. “In 2016 we sent our XXX car to Bahrain for some test­ing. When we got there the car went faster and faster: first a 9.3-sec­ond quar­ter mile, then 9, then 8.7 and fi­nally an 8.47, mak­ing it the sec­ond-fastest 911 in the world, and the fastest 911 in Europe.” The car it lost out to? One of their cus­tomer’s cars.

So, how do they do it? They spe­cialise in tur­bocharged cars, mainly go­ing for mod­els with ce­ramic brakes – “The best base to start with,” says Ibrahim. En­gine pis­tons, rods and cranks are de­signed in-house, as are their own tur­bos, based on stock Porsche fit­ments but re­worked with ES in­ter­nals to make them hy­brid. “The ben­e­fit of stock base is it re­tains the OEM boost feel with no lag, and a wide op­er­at­ing band” ex­plains Ibrahim.

Wa­ter methanol kits are em­ployed past 650bhp which in­ject methanol into the in­take ‘Y’ piece, low­er­ing in­take tem­per­a­ture. Remaps aren’t bought in, they are also done in-house, live map­ping on the road. Ex­pect a rolling road tune? ES oblige if a cus­tomer re­quests it to record a fig­ure, but there aren’t many dynos suit­able for four-wheel-drive 911s, ES tell me. Man­ual (or Tip­tronic) gear­boxes can be chopped for Holinger se­quen­tial ‘boxes, mod­i­fied with a front out­put to re­tain four-wheel drive if needed, giv­ing true race-style pad­dle shifters at the steer­ing wheel and driven by a com­pres­sor mounted in the lug­gage space.

Along with their own record car, ES are jus­ti­fi­ably proud of a 991 be­long­ing to a cus­tomer. That car holds the world record for be­ing the fastest 991 Turbo S over both quar­ter-mile and half-mile dis­tances, reg­is­ter­ing 8.9-sec­onds at 163mph in the quar­ter-mile dash. Back in the work­shop at the time of my visit it is be­ing up­graded yet fur­ther, so look out.

The big num­bers take some con­cen­tra­tion to fully com­pre­hend, but they only tell part of the story. Nos­ing around the clean, bright work­shop on my visit re­veals the qual­ity and at­ten­tion to de­tail. Their be­spoke hy­brid tur­bos look beau­ti­ful, as do their Zir­cotec-coated ex­hausts and turbo pip­ing. On the cars, ev­ery­thing is neat, tidy and as it should be. Rarely will you see an ES Mo­tor car with Bat­mo­bilestyle wings, in­stead their look is smooth, stan­dard and sleek.

Cus­tomers range from peo­ple want­ing a straight­for­ward remap and an ex­haust, al­beit with peace of mind it is from a proven mar­que spe­cial­ist, right up to those want­ing the full-fat, race car set-up. Start­ing from the 996 Turbo, they have pack­ages rang­ing from 550bhp right up to 2,000bhp depend­ing on the base car model and spec. At ei­ther end their headline world records back up their cre­den­tials of tun­ing

911s. “Cus­tomers are split prob­a­bly 50/50 be­tween the remaps and the full-on race cars,” says Ibrahim. “We have cus­tomers around the world, from the US, the UK and the Mid­dle East.

“Peo­ple are chas­ing you all the time, so the R&D never stops,” he con­tin­ues. ES are cur­rently striv­ing to se­cure the record for the fastest half mile for a rear-wheel-drive Porsche, us­ing a 997 GT2 base car, and mak­ing good progress, even look­ing at ethanol for fu­elling and -10 pip­ing.

Ev­ery Porsche com­pany is dif­fer­ent and you don’t al­ways know what makes them tick. I al­ways make a point to ask how they see them­selves. For once there’s to­tal trans­parency: “We build the fastest 911s in the world,” smiles Ibrahim, proudly.

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