Berghaus Ridge­way 65+10

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+ price; weight; side zipped pock­ets; back length ad­just­ment; large ca­pac­ity

– slightly less com­fort­able than higher- priced sacks

A 65-75 litre ca­pac­ity for men and 60-70 litre ca­pac­ity for women makes this one of the big­ger sacks here. You get a base com­part­ment and top en­try as well as two huge zipped size pock­ets and a sin­gle zipped pocket on the hipbelt. There's no ex­tended lid de­sign and no stretch mesh pock­ets on the front – which some may miss. This is also one of the lighter packs at 1902g. 5/5

Both the men's 65+10 and women's 60+10 fea­ture a Berghaus Biofit back sys­tem that al­lows the shoul­der straps to be raised or low­ered to im­prove the fit. You can make this ad­just­ment with the pack on your back, which is easy to do and use­ful on the move – you do get less clear­ance for your head though. 4/5

Com­pared to the higher-priced and heav­ier rucksacks, this is not quite as com­fort­able – it feels a lit­tle lumpy and al­most too firm. As the pack comes in one size that you have to ad­just, there is slightly less space for your head – de­pend­ing on how much you need to ad­just the back length for your height. Hav­ing said that, it's a de­cent op­tion. 4/5

When pack­ing for big trips you may miss the abil­ity to over­stuff the main com­part­ment and raise the lid, as this fixed lid won't rise. The side com­pres­sion straps don’t have quick-re­lease buck­les, but can still be used with the stretch mesh wand pock­ets for stash­ing trekking poles or tent poles eas­ily. And the zipped pock­ets on the side are very use­ful, but a stretch front pocket would be use­ful, too. 4/5

Over­all, the price is good for the fea­tures and per­for­mance you are get­ting. 4/5

Good for any back­packer want­ing a lower-priced ruck­sack, with tra­di­tional pocket lay­out and all the key fea­tures you need. 4.2/5

/ 1902g £125 m n

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