Light­wave Wildtrek 60

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+ weight; in­creased wa­ter re­sis­tance; dura­bil­ity for weight; fixed lid

– fewer pock­ets; less com­fort; no wand pock­ets

The lighter weight (1412g)is a big plus, but the taped or welded main seams, which make the pack more wa­ter-re­sis­tant, are a real stand­out fea­ture too. The pack also has fixed lid ac­cess to the main com­part­ment with ex­ter­nal zipped ac­cess to the base com­part­ment – which also fea­tures a wa­ter­proof liner. There are no wand pock­ets and fewer pock­ets over­all, but you do get hipbelt pock­ets. 4/5

The men's Wildtrek 60 comes in back lengths of M2 (50cm) and M3 (55cm) while the women's Wildtrek 55 (£159) is only in W2 (45cm). There‘s no back length ad­just­ment. The hipbelt is wide with a cut­away, which fit­ted well, but the back panel and shoul­der straps were not as fit­ted as oth­ers in this price band. 4/5

This pack fea­tures less soft pad­ding, the air­flow is re­duced and the back panel is less com­fort­able than other packs. How­ever, the pack soaks up wa­ter or snow less read­ily than oth­ers and, of course, it's lighter – both of which im­prove com­fort. It also feels stable and car­ries heav­ier loads bet­ter than some lighter packs. So it's a mid-level op­tion for com­fort. 3/5

This is a sim­pler de­sign than many oth­ers, so you can just throw your gear in with­out hav­ing to work out what fits in which pock­ets or mak­ing sure the lid cov­ers the top open­ing prop­erly– thank to the fixed, rather than float­ing, lid. The greater wa­ter re­sis­tance makes it bet­ter suited to Bri­tish back­pack­ing con­di­tions, and I like that. I do miss hav­ing wand pock­ets though! 4/5

A bit pricy con­sid­er­ing the lack of fea­tures, but the welded seams may make up for it. 3/5

A light­weight ruck­sack that is more durable and wa­ter-re­sis­tant than other lighter de­signs – good for Bri­tish weather! 3.6/5


n m / 1412g size (M3)

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