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We walk around moun­tains near sea level all the time, so you might not ex­pect float­ing at roughly the same height to be as pro­foundly dif­fer­ent an ex­pe­ri­ence as it is. But see­ing hills by boat is not much like do­ing it on land at all. The mo­ment you push off from the shore, the land­scape changes. Now you’re re­ally trav­el­ling through it, the prow cut­ting its mir­rored re­flec­tion into curves. From down here, small hills ap­pear huge and big ones breath­tak­ingly dom­i­neer­ing. You’ll find coves and hid­den beaches that are undis­cov­er­able any other way, and sneak through na­ture with low dis­tur­bance. Fac­tor­ing a ca­noe jour­ney into a ma­jor trip has lo­gis­ti­cal de­mands but it’ll pay off the mo­ment you float away, or sim­ply hire one for the after­noon. We don’t often vin­di­cate stay­ing at wa­ter level, but in this case...


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