TRANGIA 27-5 UL £75

USED BY van-bound staff writer, Sarah Ryan USED FOR 6 years? Hon­estly, I've lost count

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Oh, Trangia, I've re­lied on you for so many things and you've al­ways come through. Re­mem­ber Knoy­dart when we dis­cov­ered how to make path­side cheese toasties? And the fresh rata­touille in the Cairn­gorms? Hmm... I'm talk­ing to an ob­ject like Tom Hanks when he got left on t is­land too long. It’s just that this was my first-ever stove and I've en through a lot with it. It's pro­vided me with per­fect por­ridge more es than I can count; proper meals of all kinds; cof­fee; choco­late; tea... e cooked with it in my tent porch while snow blus­tered out­side and ce it dried my socks. Trusty, ro­bust, su­per-sta­ble and easy to use. I've ved on to a lighter stove now, but it still lives in my van, where we'll ve many more meals to­gether, I'm sure.

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